Packers and 49ers


Have expressed interest in Ford. Price they are looking for is a 2, I would prefer a 3 and 4, but 49ers and Packers are only teams interested. I would want a longer deal and get year 1 down from 15 M, but they can make more room with reworks and cuts, up to 14M or more which leaves them room to get much better. This makes good sense if price is no more than a 2…


I personally would rather have Matthews back than give up a draft pick and the money for Ford.


I get the draft comp issue , but Ford hits a lot of Pettine buttons. Lots of QBs pressures and stats. Mike Smith is a Pettine guy, so if they trade for him, we can rest assured this is not one they are guessing on.

The other thing besides all the other stuff, word out there now is they may not keep Graham and could go another direction there, I could be wrong, but I think they have a plan to do some things. People get really negative and say they are conservative, but they offered bigger comp in hindsight to Mack/Oakland, signed Fuller to an offer sheet, made a serious offer to Robinson who opted for his hope town, and lost out to KC on Sammy Watkins. My sense is Gute is going to be more ready this time…


Here’s what I would do, GB and KC swap 2s GB sends 2019 3. He will not get the money people think probably 5 year deal 30 M guaranteed, and and while it will look like a monster, it will be more like 3 year with this year counting less than 9-10 M against the cap. These deals are made comp first contingent on reaching agreement with the player. If there is no contingency the Chiefs get stuck with the franchise any, and unhappy player or less comp, that is the way this works. Brown just went to Oakland less money and picks than people thought.

I would pull that deal I proposed…


This is not in response to your post, I like you and you are a lot of fun, I have just been thinking how we seem to overvalue picks. From 2013 to 2017 we used 6 2s and only one, Adams has hit as of now. A majority were busts. And you certainly couldn’t get much for King and Jones even though I still have hope. Yes it is sad what Ted is going through and obviously there were indications of his issues as far back as 15. God bless Ted. And yet I think the Exec committee has failed to hold Murphy to account. Gute was dealt a crap sandwich, and honestly Ted withdrew and Ball clearly stepped in and Murphy failed completely to respectfully straighten this out much earlier.

I see a lot of fans saying the Packers are only 1 or 2 players away, that is insane. You can’t be a draft alone team and be as poor as we were from 2013-2017. We need to face it, this might be a longer process… In the meantime I like that Gute seems to want to be aggressive…


We are 1 to 2 OL, 2 Edge Rushers, and 2 Safeties away from being competitive. Picking up a need via FA is important, but it isn’t worth the farm. King is a good CB, Jones could still show that he is better given that he is used right.

Without differing opinions, we would be one of those places that we all shake and nod our heads in unison and think a tire fire is awesome.



Make or break for King. King is the talent I was crazy about in 2017, but he has to stay on the field. He has to get over being a China Doll…,

Jones is an enigma to me. They knew out of NCState he would take time. He has everything you would want, yet they seem unwilling to commit to him.

I agree with your list. Getting 2 of those handled with Quality FAs and 2 through the draft would go a long way…

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