#Packers 2018 #GBvsNYJ Discussion


Please keep all game related discussion in this thread.

How much will Rodgers play with nothing on the line?

Will we see the Packer fan Bibbs at RB?


Just 1 hour and 30 minutes to go!!!


43° at kick off in New York City


The 1st Drive Packers defense is truly lacking With pressure and coverage. Frackrell Saved the defense With a sack.


Offense Looked good for a second then Rodgers got sacked . Then Rogers threw behind a wide receiver what he’s been doing all season and they had to punt.


Well Jets just scored. Lotta fourth and fifth stringers result In that…


Kumerow Just did the perfect and Jordy Nelson imitation for a touchdown! Haven’t seen that since the preseason


Special-teams just totally had a major fail kick return for a touchdown


Moore looks awesome as a kick returner.
Saint brown looks like a better version of Allison.


I don’t care who’s on the field and who’s not, I see no reason to keep Ron Zook past this season. Special Teams have been atrocious all year long.


More finds a way to make himself look like an idiot and fumbled the ball on the kick off. Pure athlete dumb as a rock


Special-teams just couldn’t hold up. So now it’s overtime


Over time win About time