Once we get past the offense and Rodgers issues there are


Some great pleasant surprises. I think LaFleur other than coaching Rodgers has been excellent. Very wise young coach really like him.

The defense has taken a step, in my view major step up. Pettine has s doing exactly what he wants in bring pressure, sacks and hits…, hats off to him. Secondary while I might quibble here and there is solid top to bottom. And I really think King has made great sense rides. Clarke has also taken the next. On Ol Bulaga has made himself a possible priority and Lazare has been spectacular. I think best both Gary and Keke are poised for big things. Lots to watch in the week ahead as well. I assume they will activate Raven Greene, unless they want to add a we


I think that the lack of development of the WRs is pure the WR coach not being anything more than a college WR coach from a small school and a career NFL 3rd stringer.


Raven Greene would be a huge addition, If I remember correctly wasn’t he being used as a ILB / S hybrid