Official #PackerWire Discussion: #Packers Draft Day 3


I agree, pretty sure Murphy is the backup plan at RT, then Spriggs behind that.


I’m sure that the staff has a plan at Tackle, we just don’t have a clue what it is.


Just to note, Moore ran a sub 4.5 40 at his pro day. Watch his vids on YouTube. The kid is NOT slow! Have a feeling St. Brown is going to be a steal.

I’ve enjoyed watching Gute operate so much more than Ted it’s ridiculous! He’s doing a great job, imo. Gotta funny feeling he’s not done either! Here’s hoping the Saints have a bad off-year!!


Moore’s tape doesn’t seem as good as St. Browns. Sure Moore found some wholes in coverage / blown assignments.


Both are more finished than Valdez Scantling…he is more of a project. The Metrics are off the chart off the chart on brown. He looks the part and has some of the elements to be great. The issue seems to be urgency and finishing.

Probably part of it on Moore is over-emphasis on 40 times. His short area quickness was off the chart. His issue was a flag for off field issues, not uncommon at Mizzou. Both he and St. Brown have a real chance. Scantling is more of a project.


They had interviews posted and Moore and Scantling don’t seem in the same league of intelligence as St Brown. I have a feeling St Brown will pick up the offense fairly fast and the other two might take awhile.


I know that is the case. Moore had some issues, but is better than many credit him for. Scantling is very raw and will likely need time. St. Brown has been really tagged with lacking competitive fire. I have no issue with teams downgrading players for things like school size. Wolf built the grading system and it was a cardinal component big school, inportant games. It is how I knew Davenport would not be in Packer plans. Some teams hit him for being too intelligent and not competitive too.

The thing with Moore to me is not speed, he is very quick, but rather what is between his ears.

Sometimes fans and writers are ignorant. Some are pointing out Scott punt ydg average fell over the 4 years. What the fail to acknowledge is his hangtime increased, and had very little returned against. Him further it was by design. He completely reworked his part punting mechanics to up hang time. Scott is a very bright kid. The Packers think this kid is special. Special as is Ray Guy…