Official #PackerWire Discussion: #Packers Draft Day 3


4th Round
J’mon Moore WR
5th Round
Cole Madison G

JK Scott P
Marquez Valdes-Scantling, WR
6th Round
Equanimeous St. Brown WR (You got to be kidding me that he fell past the 3rd and we passed on him time and time again)
7th Round
Hunter Bradley LS
James Looney DL
Kendall Donnerson LB


Packer Rob helped me yesterday. I wasn’t a big fan of our Day 1 Trades. Mainly because of how “I” judged the available players. I felt we left 3 Pro Bowl caliber picks on the board at 14, AND I wasn’t a big fan of Alexander because of his size.

But Rob pointed out that if BG had Alexander ranked high, he had to stay true to his board, and you know what? He’s Right! I’m just a fan with an opinion. BG is the GM and if he feels Alexander is as good or better than the guys we passed on, then the trades make total sense. As with every player only time will tell.

I really liked what we did yesterday. Josh Jackson IS the longer CB we coveted and along with Alexander does indeed set our secondary up well. Also love Burks as he is a really high character guy and has measurables that play. 2 very good choices IMO.

Looking forward to today.


J’Mon Moore, WR, Missouri
Height: 6-2. Weight: 209. Arm: 33.5. Hand: 9.25.
40 Time: 4.60.
Projected Round (2018): 5-7.
4/24/18: In 2017, Moore totaled 65 receptions for 1,082 yards and 10 touchdowns. He had a fabulous start to the season against Missouri State with four receptions for 187 yards and two touchdowns. The senior has a good build to him. As a junior, he caught 62 passes for 1,012 yards with eight touchdowns. Moore contributed (29-350-0) as a sophomore. Moore ran slowly at the combine, which hurts his stock.


It looks like Moore has hands of stone,


Last picks are coming up fast.


We drafted a punter… okay?
JK Scott


Marquez Valdes-Scantling WR


Marquez Valdes-Scantling, WR, South Florida
Height: 6-4. Weight: 206. Arm: 32.25. Hand: 10.
40 Time: 4.37.
Projected Round (2018): 6-FA.
4/24/18: In 2017, Valdes-Scantling made 53 catches for 879 yards and six touchdowns. He is a tall receiver with mismatch height. In his previous three seasons, Valdes-Scantling had 22 receptions in each year. He recorded an excellent 40 time at the combine to help himself.

Seems like we got a big fast WR.


Looks like he has a big leg, good hang time, and can Kick Off.


Best punter in Crimson Tide history.

I’m not one who believes in drafting punters and kickers (especially above the 6th-7th rounds), but he certainly seems to be a stud prospect.


6 4 4.37 in the 5th round, are you kidding me?


Scantling is very interesting. When I studied him I honestly thought 4th - 5th. Runs like a Kenyan sprinter, and is built like it. Lower body is weak evidenced by his 30’ vertical. Speed though translates in some routes. Route running questionable. They knock his hands but I thought his hands were fine.

Moore is a really smooth big receiver. His quickness no’s were some of the best in the draft. His 40 was slow out of the block. I don’t get to worried with big receivers if they run 4.6 or better and are quick with short areas. Little moody, and has to catch the ball.

St. Brown…great pick love the value. Absolute steal…u


Moore ran slowly at the combine, which hurts his stock.

Sounds like a perfect fit then :upside_down_face:

But he was a nice player in the SEC


The major concern I have is what is the PACKERS going to do about the right tackle position? Bulaga’s return isn’t supposed to be til mid-season from what I’ve read in sport columns. The tackle form Indiana doesn’t seem up to the task. Some body enlighten me.:thinking:


Scantling is a better Jeff Janis IMO.
St Brown fell because he came out early and his frame is small for being 6’5 but is fast. Should have been a late 1st rounder and never got past the 3rd round.


Kyle Murphy perhaps?


Yeah in general, would say Valdez-Scantling is a better position prospect than Janis. Though he won’t be a ST star. He is raw. He can take the top off defenses, if he can improve routes and get stronger.

Moore and St Brown are more finished and can compete now. 1 or 2 of these receivers could really be a hit.

The Washington kid looks like he might be a plug and play RG.

Buluga refusing to take a cut, really spells trouble for him. Don’t see Spriggs as an answer. If he’s on the field 12 is in danger.

They just had too many needs to fill in a draft. You can’t take what isn’t there. There were corners, big WRs and G’s. A lot of the PR had big flags. I think you walk away generally pleased, but they have gone too far trusting Matthews and Perry. The Fackrell thing is a joke. Fackrell could easily be beat out by the 7th round pick. I can’t blame Gute for that. The last 3 years Ted and his pupil Ball, made some big mistakes.

The positive is either MM loved this draft or was drunk. He was giddy…


Seattle: We have a Legion of Boom…

Packers: We have a Looney… lol


Sorry to be pedantic but Kenya produces marathon runners not sprinters. Olympic caliber sprinters are of West African descent.


FloridaPacker, I agree, there are two ways to view how the first round worked out.

  1. You were really high on one of the picks between 14 and 17 and think we really missed out. It hurts us this year, but the 1st next year should help us.
  2. You think the Packers were targeting Alexander anyway and then just completely fleeced everyone by getting the guy we wanted AND a 1st rounder next year.

I lean the 2nd way. If the Packers were really that high for any of those players at #14, they would have picked them. We met with a couple of them before the draft, we did our research, we should know. I trust their judgement, and personally, I’m happy with Alexander. I really do think he’s possibly the #1CB in the draft. The only knock on him is that he is short, but he doesn’t play short.