Official #PackerWire Discussion: #Packers Draft Day 2


What did they trade to get into the 3rd?


What I am reading says they gave up their pick at the top of 4 and a 5th. Not bad.


But I did like that pick at the top of 4. Felt like they could have probably netted nice trade value for that in the morning. They definitely didn’t need all their picks his year though. This makes sense to me.


I read it was their second 4th rounder. We are on the clock for the start of the round still.

I don’t know about you guys but I think Gute is killing it so far!


Whoops never mind. You were right. Still well worth it IMHO.


Burks went from Safety to OLB to ILB. Sounds like they have a multi positional guy.


That isn’t too bad. They must have really like Burks.


Good move imo. Move up 13 spots to get this LB . Guess Gutekunst figured he’d be gone before PACKERS next pick at the start of round 4.:grinning:


They gave up pick 101 and one of the 5ths.

I hope they make a play for a vet receiver and focus on OL. I hate to see Evans and Spriggs. Spriggs is a danger to 12. Has a terrible flaw. He can’t handle an inside rush or move. He had it an Indiana and it is as bad as ever in GB. He is way to stiff and upright. They have done well with Ol in day 3. I might try to add one of the big receivers too, but they need to try to sign Bryant, they are thin if a receiver gets hurt.


I think that Montgomery is moving back to WR as it is his natural position.


Yeah I think that may be part of the answer, but they have a long term need at WR. They had too many needs to fill in one draft, we knew that when they tried to sign so many for them WR.


Burks size and speed seems to be more of a 3/4 outside LB


So far I have to say I’m rather dazzled by the trades and picks. Just the players selected so far I’d give the Pack an A given their draft position, not including next year’s extra first.
Today they can play the numbers game.