Official #PackerWire Discussion: #Packers Draft Day 2


Round 1
Jair Alexander, CB

Round 2
Josh Jackson, CB

Round 3
Oren Burks, LB


Please keep all day 2 draft discussion in this thread.


I’m hoping for more quality d-backs, a decent LB, or a WR.


So the Packers only have 1 day 2 pick right now. We have 2 #4s and 4 #5s. The problem is, according to the draft value chart to even move up a dozen spots or so from where we are we would need to trade our high #4 and probably 2 of the #5s. Add in another #5 and we only get to the middle of the 3rd round.

Guys if the Saints are a Playoff Team next year we only pick up 600-800 pick value points with that #1, AND we have to wait a year to cash in. Tampa Bay has 3 #2 picks. I doubt the Bucs would do it but I would offer them that Saints #1 and maybe even throw in one of the 5rh rounders for the Bucs picks at 53 and 56 of the 2nd round. That’s 710 points in Draft Value and we would get the benefit of the 2 players this year instead of waiting another year.

Of course the fact the Bucs do not have a 3rd round pick works against us.

I love what the Bucs did. They targeted Vita Vea as who they wanted for their Defense. Traded down 5 spots in round 1, got the player they targeted and picked up two #2s in this draft to combine with the high #2 they already have. That’s impressive


It will most certainly be one of those two routes…

Keep an eye on WRs like Christian Kirk, Courtland Sutton, James Washington, and Equanimeous St. Brown.

Keep an eye on edge/LBs like Harold Landry, Arden Key, Malik Jefferson, Sam Hubbard, and Lorenzo Carter.


I would love Sutton since he would perfectly replace Nelson. Kirk is too short to do that. Sutton will be off the board by the Packers pick. I would say St. Brown. or Chark since they have good height and longer arms.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Green Bay would make a move up from 45. Since they traded away their only round 3 pick they could go all in & with 4th & 5th round pick and secure another 2nd round pick, or save the picks to get a 3rd round selection.


I would say that getting a 3rd is more important as value is about the same as a mid to late second rounder.


My hope is that the PACKERS can get Will Hernandez with their next pick. And a “speed merchant” with good hands after.


Is there a change the PACKERS will move up in the 2nd round? At this point NOTHING will surprise me about this draft.


They were desperate at corner, this pick represents excellent value. Thompson completely blew the 2015 offseason and draft, but I like the value and pick here. Jackson has flaws, but excellent value

Would think they now try to get back up…:


If this isn’t one of the best secondaries in the league next year I will be very disappointed.


We will see if they aren’t terrible and hurt it should be enough for most people. I wouldn’t set myself up for disappointment. For a young secondary to be one of the best is too much to expect-adequate and not a drag would be a big step forward…


Josh Jackson has the height barely. Good to have that covered.


As I posted earlier Jackson doesn’t like to tackle but he is a ball hawk, a Dion Sanders clone.


Not that physical but they think he can play press too. I think he has questionable technique and is sometimes out of position. But he has excellent ball skills and can find the ball. I thought he was too stiff and to raw technique wise for 14, but good value here.

I wouldn’t compare him to Deon, not as quick and not as fluid. Excellent instincts and ball skills though.


They just traded back up


I was about to comment on the lack of trades in the third. Nice!


Really Like Oren Burks - versatile, fast and smart (of course, he’s a vandy guy :slight_smile:

He should be an upgrade over joe thomas for sure


This is an interesting guy, kind of a tweener fast guy Daddy Buddy and the Ryan boys liked. Can play all over the field. They have done ok with Vanderbilt kids…