Official #PackerWire Discussion: #Packers Draft Day 1


The thing is that short guys can’t go up and make it hard for Julio to catch the ball. Anyone 6 feet or tall can. You can have all the short guys in the word that can cover but none can go up to his height.


Sam Shields was under 6’ and was a pretty good corner. I get that height is an issue with all the big receivers out there but I’ll take skill and speed over 1 3/4’ in height.


well only anyone that is 6 feet or taller and CAN RUN with Juilo!!****


Here is Mike Mayock’s take…for what it is worth

"18. Jaire Alexander, CB, Green Bay Packers

I like this pick. Alexander has some swag about him. He’s the No. 1 corner on my board. In addition to being competitive, tough, he tackles, he finds the football in the air and he also adds value in the punt return game. Historically, Green Bay only takes corners who can find the ball in the air, and this kid does it."


I guess it is a decent pick since we have King but we need to find another tall CB.


At the end of the day it is a good point. It is what it is they were desperate for corners and likely still are. They could do one now or a couple day 3. Obviously corner was an all consuming need.

As to some comparing him to Sam Shields, yeah similar size, but a 39” vertical… Alexander has a 30”. Your point is well taken.


Jackson should ease the worries around Alexander and having King on the field too.


According to the NFL Draft and Combine stats his vertical was 35".


Sorry made a mistake Jaire has a 35” vertical. Point is he will be giving up vertical with bigger receivers . Gute would argue he makes up for it with speed and ability to find the ball. I will buy some of that, I just wasn’t all that excited about either Alexander or Ward. Sure there others who like me would have had Alexander and Ward on similar grades, I just would have gone another way. Still think they had better options but nothing I would lose sleep about…


After I said 30 I corrected in my Reply but forgot to post it. I actually confused the Vertical with a big receiver who has a 4.3 40 but a 30” vertical that they may take 5-7…


Still better than Randall.