Official #PackerWire Discussion: #Packers Draft Day 1


This really sucks. Man this 1 doesn’t mean much if it is another bottom pick next year. At a minimum they should have got Nola 3rd this too and a 3rd next year, hate this trade…


Really ticked off at Gute, why trade down, especially for a #1 next year, when there were some great options at 14? I turned off the draft, not going to waste any more time watching it, just to see the Packers trade out of the pick.


hard to believe James is still out there yet at pick 17


And yes they should have locked Thompson and Ball out of the room. Ball is in the center of it too working the phones. They didn’t get nearly enough for that pick. Unless Brees gets hurt, this pick is horrible. Packers are clearly in a 2 or 3 rebuild for fans and Rodgers to see. Yuck!


Just traded back in at 18. Josh Jackson??


will be interesting to see who they pick and particulars of the deal


the nfl site really sucks


Well, they got Jaire Alexander CB Louisville. Cool!!


well then maybe that trade wasn’t too bad after all. all reports were the Packers had gotten the better value than the Saints. yet they still could move up and get a top DB and net an extra 1st next year. pays to have extra picks at times.


IDK The guy is short you know how short guys can’t cover the big WRs like the last couple of years. Sure he was ranked #2 by Walters Football.


After trading back up with the Seahawks, the Packers essentially traded down from 14 to 18 while sending their third- and sixth-round picks to get a fifth-round pick and a 2019 first-rounder from the Saints. That’s a victory for new Green Bay general manager Brian Gutekunst even before considering that they addressed a perennial need by drafting cornerback Jaire Alexander.

Bill Barnwell - ESPN

Gute must have wrestled the phone away from TT and Ball


No TT got distracted with the coffee machine and Ball was right there kissing TT’s butt. Gute Corrected it. But IDK drafting Alexander a short guy with a history of a hurt knee.


Derwin James missed most of 2016 with a knee injury.




Gangly frame unlikely to carry much more good weight
Injuries and missed time make 2017 tape tricky to evaluate
Avoided excess contact with blockers and appeared to lack his typical brand of aggressiveness
Needs to play with better knee bend from press
Read routes and created opportunities to attack throws but defaulted to the safe play
Can get grabby in man coverage
Allows base widen and loses balance during transitions from time to time
Gave up too many redzone touchdowns in 2016
Inconsistent getting head around in time to find the football
Inconsistent finisher as tackler and may struggle to get off of NFL blocks


James is a safety and we have Josh Jones in that position already. We did need depth at Corner and we got it. Now we have a guy that will sit behind Williams and compete with Rollins and House.


My point about James is that everyone was so high on him but he has an injury history too.

Most analysis I’ve seen says Alexander was the #2 pure corner in the draft after Ward. He’ll be the starting slot corner from Day 1.


They all gave medical flags. James had a miniscus, Alexander said hypertension and deep bone bruise. Who knows what that really is but they had to have seen all the exams from the combine. Certainly if players want to be specific they can, as matter of policy I wouldn’t talk about details of injuries.

I am more concerned with his height than injuries it is a fact of the NFL.


He will not be able to Julio Jones, that is a fact.


This might be kind of advanced stuff. So they know they want a player, so they find s team who needs a second 3rd and trade the 1 they traded to get the future 1. Happens in baseball all the time but this is a pseudo 3 way. Day 2 will be interesting . They have some Ol talent that matches up, surprising corners Really like the idea of Carlton Davis and Oliver. Also Kirk and Sutton. Love Lorenzo Carter, and Sweat would be intriguing, but has medical flags… He made pretty clear he wants to add picks day 2.


And who could we have picked that can cover Julio?