Official #PackerWire Discussion: #Packers Draft Day 1


Official Discussion of the the Packers First Round

Packers Pick at 14
NFL DRAFT 8:00pm EST / 7:00pm CST.


Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville
Height: 5-10. Weight: 196. Arm: 31.13. Hand: 9.5.
40 Time: 4.38.
Projected Round (2018): 1.
4/25/18: During the leadup to the 2018 NFL Draft, Alexander has continued to rise, and he could be the second cornerback to go off the board. Alexander had maybe the best combine performance of any prospect in the 2018 NFL Draft. After his thoroughly impressive workout, he is projected to be a first-round pick.

At the NFL Scouting Combine, Alexander was one of the most impressive cornerbacks. He ran a fast 40 but was even better in the field work, showing excellent footwork, loose hips, and the agility to glide effortlessly around the field. He had the look of a first-rounder. However, his combine medical exam will be of critical importance to determining how high Alexander is selected.

Alexander missed four games because of a knee injury early in 2017, and then dealt with a broken hand that caused him to miss two more games. When on the field, Alexander played well with 19 tackles, four passes broken up and an interception. He is a good cover corner who would be a first-round pick if it weren’t for the durability concerns. Alexander is a fast and athletic corner who can run the route and prevent separation. Because of the injury red flag, sources from multiple teams think that Alexander will slip to Day 2 of the 2018 NFL Draft and won’t sneak into the first round. If he stays healthy, Alexander could end up being a second-day steal.

9/1/17: Alexander was very good for Louisville in 2016, racking up 39 tackles with nine passes broken up and five interceptions. He also was a dangerous punt returner. There is a lot of upside for Alexander to develop.


Please keep all trade talk and discussion about picks in here.

With that being said…


Is it going to be a Edge Rusher, Corner, or some surprise pick? Are we trading and is it going to be up or down? Maybe we will stay right at 14?


They say at least 4 of the top 10 want out- Cleveland at 4, Denver at 5 Indy at 6 and Chicago at 8. The last is inriguing as one of the people they have had in is Davenport. Also Gruden apparently likes McGlinchy.

I would say at the price of a 3 might move up, but who knows. Most likely though they stay at 14, God only knows who they really want. He


I wouldn’t be shocked if we don’t go corner or EDGE.
In Pettine’s new Defense, we need playmakers. If Roquan or Edmunds is there, we might grab one of them.

The talk of Gute trading up has me wondering if Chubb falls to 5 or 6, do we trade up for him?

I would be shocked if we go Offense in round 1.


There apparently is talk Bulaga was asked to take a pay cut and said no. This would factor then to push up OT to at least 2 and make it hard to trade that pick…


Right now I would say edge.


I would say this is even correct right now in philosophy. Davenport may or may not be there. I lean to him being there even though the bears are supposedly intrigued. Landry will be there, but he to me is a lower 1/3 of round 1 and would be a big worry to bust.

I don’t see any of the DBs making it beyond 12 if not 10. So if there is any kind of normal to this draft, this would be how you would get locked in to a poor choice. Ideally, I would love to see 2 of the DBs and Davenport to be there at 12. Weird weird draft, for example never seen more really big receivers. The number of big receivers 6-2 or bigger after the first 2 is really incredible. 30 on top 100 are 6-3 and bigger and a bunch of really decent 6-5 receivers that will play in the NFL will be taken rd 2-5.


I’d be happy with Edmunds or Fitzpatrick. Davenport report are he really needs a lot of learning.


At least we know that the Packers didn’t trade up for the #1 overall.

Mayfield that early… wow… Hope that he turns out for the Browns.


That is huge. Ward going this high is huge. Now these next 3-5 picks are huge. The 2 DBs Matt Miller says the will trade up for one. Chubb, Edmunds and Smith may not fall out of the top 10.

Denver is a big pick now…


If they don’t move up here at 7-10, I really hope Davenport is there and they like him. If they are really wanting one of the 2dbs, they would have to move up. The 2 QBs sitting there is working against them.


Looks like we’ll have some choices at 14.


It looks like the board is in favor of the Packers.


James, Fitzpatrick, Edmunds, Vea. We’ll get one unless they go in a different direction.


James, Edmunds, Vea, Davenport. Still very favorable for the Packers.


Edmunds or James is likely. I would think it is Edmunds.


Crap we just traded out when we had some great players available.


That was a total Ted Thompson move. Basically we have two players we need that are top ten players and we trade to the end of the first round for pick next year that we are likely to trade for 2 4th round picks in 2020.


Doesn’t look good. It was a great opportunity to get a solid player.


hmm, no jumped on edwards yet?