In the PC, they talked about Philbin but wanted the best candidate. It sounds like if the team doesn’t transform into World Beaters for the final 4 games they will look outside and probably have several names in mind.


Winston Moss must be furious that Philbin was named Head Coach since Philbin was only the offensive coordinator and Moss had a made up title of Associate Head Coach…


With the CBA the way it is and the limited amount of time you have to manage your program I have no doubt Rodgers was relied on heavily to do some teaching and to make sure guys were lined up. When you have a smart player of Rodgers caliber you’d foolish not to use that to your advantage so you can work other important things. I do not see this as a negative. From all of the reports I have read over the years McCarthy’s practices are very well organized and efficient. It supposedly one of his strong points.


Well, MCarthy being canned with 4 games left was a real surprise to me. If you read my earlier comments in this thread, I said there was no way it would happen before the seasons end…yet here it is.

I never though the Packers org would do this because it just wasn’t how things were done here, tradition almost demanded McCarthy see the season out - so that tells you right there that the culture has already changed significantly. A GM change and coaching changes last year, a new power structure, several starter-level players moved on, a more aggressive free agency, a disconnect which had grown between AR and McCarthy, things have changed and it hasn’t ended by a long way.

McCarthy now has a chance to get in the early discussions for other HC positions and the Packers get an early jump on the competition in hunting for a new HC, so an early firing isn’t all bad, just surprising. It’s hard to know how much of a mess the locker room is in, or how the other coaches in GB are reacting - well we do have some idea what Moss thought, but I always thought after his horrendous press conferences he was gone at the end of the year, anyway.

Things are always going to be a bit of a mess when a new head coach comes in, because if it wasn’t, why fire the previous coach ? At least GB has some talent and a generally non-intrusive CEO and board of directors (ie no owner). I’d imagine it was one of the more attractive landing spots for a bright new wannabe HC.