Yeah, it is obvious and after all these years it shouldn’t have happened.


Do we really need to wait the entire season to fire McCarthy?


@St.LouisPackFan. End of season is a minimum wait time…not a maximum. The maximum is that he is retained.


The head coach is responsible for all phases of a team’s performance, Offense, Defense & Special Teams. He selects the coaches for each section and is totally responsible for their success. I wanted MM’s departure since the melt down at Seattle. Aaron hasn’t been as productive since MM replaced the QB coach,who Aaron had a good relationship with. MM’s many failures with clock usage is known by all. Replacing MM with OC wouldn’t be that disruptive in my opinion.


Your argument basically gives a free pass to everyone but McCarthy. It also fails to account for the roster that the GM creates. Yes, the HC is responsible for all 3 phases of the game. But having responsibility is different than being in control. It is also something that is very fluid and in constant motion with many moving parts. Holding the HC solely accountable for everything that happens with your team in neither reasonable, nor plausible. It’s an oversimplification that you are using to support your desire for his termination. Should he be fired this year? That remains to be seen. My biggest concern is who would you replace him with? The Coaching pool looks like the draft with a lot of unproven guys and a few others who have been bounced around.

McCarthy is a tough dude. He has never completely lost the handle on a team. He has his stubborn ways and some warts, but who doesn’t? His biggest challenge right now might be reigning in his QB who seems to be trying to do too much. Rodgers is a perfectionist and he has so much freedom at the LoS. He’s constantly trying to micromanage every position on the offense, changing some portion of every play, whether it’s a route or where a player lines up, or even the called play itself. It makes me anxious just watching it. He is constantly looking for a big play at the expense of first downs. That was fine when we had an experienced roster, a top flight O-Line and receivers who were all on the same page with him. Right now we need to just call a play, line up and snap the ball. It’s time for McCarthy to get tough with his QB. His job likely depends on it.


I have to agree with @swizz.
They will ride out the season before making a decision.
I favor firing after the season if there is no turnaround.


There has to be a suitable replacement that they are going to target before they fire MM. If it is the Vikings OC they might have to wait.


Things are pretty messed up. ESPN has quotes up from Cobb saying this feels different. Speculation seems to center on lack of attention to detail and some locker room problems.

Given Cobb has been making mistakes and struggles to stay on the field while underperforming his contract, it seems strange that he feels entitled to make a comment like he is quoted as. Two trades and a message cut don’t seemed to have slowed their mess.

I really think Miami at home is pivotal, Miami can beat them in GB. The SF game should have raised the alarm, but if they aren’t ready to play Sunday this will come apart more quickly than imagined…


I assure you if that happens, the mob will be gunning for Murphy!


I’m bumping this thread for good reason. How can the Packers lose to the Cardinals who are one of the worst teams in the NFL.


When you are missing pieces on the Offensive Line, you can’t run the ball and you don’t have a #2 WR it’s tough to beat anyone. When you are forced to throw the ball 50 times but average less than 5 yards per attempt you lose games. This isn’t a play calling issue or an authority issue. We were able to compete against the Rams, Patriots, Seahawks and Vikings. It was during the Vikings game that our threshold for the injuries was eclipsed. I did not expect us to lose this game, but I thought the 14 point spread was way off. I knew we weren’t going to just walk over that team today. Hopefully our players knew that too. I guarantee McCarthy didn’t overlook them. I am sure you will all get your wish, but everyone of you armchair GM’s better be ready for anything. Do I have to remind you that despite having Drew Brees the Saints missed the Playoffs 3 years in a row? Starting with a new HC and everything that goes with it could mean the same thing for us.


I get all that. I get MM has won a lot of games, but when all of this came to a head last year he demanded this structure, actually input into the GM. Also no one held a gun to their head and forced them to do this monster Rodgers extension. They easily could have traded him.

Clearly Rodgers has irreconcilable differences with MM. He can’t be released or traded his cap hit would leave us in cap hell. I don’t think it is fair to blame this on fans. This rests squarely on Murphy’s shoulder. No one will step forward to accept responsibility for this mess now. I will go a step further, maybe as I said last January, they just need to clean house and rebuild. Yes Rodgers smirking isn’t cute to me, and yes I actually felt sorry for MM at his PC, as much as I can for a highly paid coach who has an 8M parachute. And yes, there are no guarantees, but the differences here are irreconcilable.


Just food for thought, but who do we have on the the roster right now that is probowl worthy? On offense we have Rodgers who is having a down year. Davante Adams, and Bakhtiari who is dealing with bad knees. That’s it. On defense we have Clark and Daniels, the latter of which is out indefinitely. On Special Teams we have nothing. This roster has talent, but almost no quality depth. We are particularly weak at O-Line, LB and Safety. WR is also not strong with the loss of Allison, however I think the potential for what we have to be really good going forward. The point is it doesn’t matter who the coach is this year, the Packers just weren’t that good. I truely feel McCarthy is getting what he can out of these guys. A good draft and some decent FA’s might make the difference next year, but who knows WTF the coach will be. We have been to the NFCC 4 times under McCarthy. I hope the next guy can get us that far at least once.


Yes Thompson and apparently Russ Ball did no one any favors. Lost to many is MM angst toward Russ Ball in the last 3 years architecture. Apparently was TT’s Sherpa and had tremendous input. MM demand and threat has always been rumored to be in response to Ball. His fingerprints are all over some poor decisions.

If Murphy tries to make this decision or puts Ball and Gute on the same level hiring a consultant he is a half wit. The hope is in letting Gute make this decision. Make no mistake, Mark Murphy and Russ Ball are not the future. Yes they and Rogers can lend support, but if they don’t hand this to Gute, he is neutered, and the Packers are done. This needs to be in a single hand who is accountable.

And yes I have agreed all along, they are in a precarious position that may be destined to fail, but that is largely because Murphy waited far to long to move on from Thompson.


If this happens I will be sick for as long as it lasts. I honestly won’t be able to watch this team for as long as he were there…

"Perhaps Murphy will return to that power structure. If so, one league source said he expected Gutekunst to want a “no-nonsense guy.” The source said Gutekunst has long been a fan of Jim Harbaugh, the current Michigan coach and former 49ers coach."

That dude is a huge d-bag and I could care less if we won a Superbowl under him, he’s pathetic.


Lots of rumors and names out there right now. I have seen reports saying they expect him to hand off the structure again to Gute. And I have also seen speculation that Murphy will try to do it himself and hire Pat Fitzgerald, that I would detest. While I would like you be very concerned about JH personality, AR says he wants someone who will be tough on him, he might though regret that with JH…


I will be looking for 3 cautionary warnings or half wit alerts from Murphy:

  1. Murphy bringing up the consultant…
  2. Letting Ball in on the process
  3. Letting Rodgers in on interview, consulting Rodgers ok

Of course the best outcome is to give Gute full powers and not here the name of Pat Fitzgerald,


It sounds like they are not going to let Rodgers choose his coach so that they will not have a Favre like situation.


Yeah, I think at least on the surface, the press conference was pretty positive. No mention of Ball and Rodgers won’t be involved. The simple fact it was a co-conference which Murphy gave with Gute gives hope Gute will indeed end up the real GM. Interesting PC indeed and thought it sounded the right tone on big concepts.


There is a lot of criticism in the media and football world about the timing of this firing, I think the two made clear there are things we don’t know, AR didn’t cause this, and yesterday’s game and the performance sealed this. I thought the blocking and the tackling was some of the worst I have seen and that includes promising rookies.

James Jones talked a lot over the years how MM lessened practices and relied heavily on AR to line players up. I could help but think of what walked into and how he talked about the Country Club attitude that had been dominate. I think you see a strong response on Gute to this in cuts and moves this season. To reestanlish the Wolf mantra you are only there until I can find someone better is a great thing.

So I view this, the fact that Murphy and Gute appear to be at a minimum, no Ball appearance, and no Rodgers veto or direct role as positive, unlike the media. And I tend to discount Philbun, I think this is universal, most sports give the interem the courtesy of saying they will be considered even as they talk to people.