I’m sorry but he needs to go immediately. Yes during the season. He has lost this team completely.


Even though they won because of Rodgers taking the reigns it doesn’t change the fact McCarthy hasn’t called one decent game yet. The best thing for this team is let Rodgers call the plays at the line of scrimmage.


MM’s sorry ass needs to go… he views himself as a genius…


The offense worked when Rodgers was calling the plays in the 2 minute drill. MM’s play calling isn’t working. Pettine is becoming more like Capers with his coverage


McCarthy continues to keep his job because of the amazing play of Rodgers. If Rodgers wasn’t on our team, he would have been fired years ago. Over his tenure I have noticed the following patterns that do not change:

  1. Lack of accountability - mistakes can be made and yet there is no accountability for these mistakes.
  2. Lack of player development - we are not developing talent anywhere near the likes of our competitors (Vikings/Bears), and that’s starting to catch up with us and our lack of depth.
  3. Lack of discipline - players continue to make stupid plays and get penalties because their is a major lack of discipline on this team.
  4. Lack of success - we continue to underachieve with arguably the best QB in the game (who’s playing days continue to shrink). I have zero confidence we’ll ever put together a team that can win it all under this coaching team.

It’s time for a new coach this off season, and after what will likely be two losing seasons in a row - McCarthy will be ousted. At that time, Murphy needs to let the new coach report up to Gute as it should be.


A lot of the season yet to play out. Since there is virtually no chance that MM is fired midseason, it’s best to wait before committing to a ‘sack-him’ approach.

If the Packers miss the playoffs while reamaining in average or better health, then his position is fragile. If he needs to go there is the knotty question of who follows him…and how many coaches are retained.


I think it will define itself. I am of a belief for much of what is above and now entering year 13 MM should not get abother,

Last night was another example. The OL is a mess with no youth. Rodgers doesn’t seem very happy and is inconsistent by his standards the back end of the defense and PR are a mess.

I think they enter a difficut period and don’t have a good feeling. I do though think interior LB, young corners and young Wr are a real positive, just not enough to overcome the poor coaching performance of this staff.


I am not happy the way the team looks at times then they pull a victory out of the air and I am happy all over again. I just really wonder if the problem is all MM. Losing key players over and over and going for a “home run” to often has not helped either. We have an extra week now to get healthier and iron some wrinkles out. I know they know they have a big hump to get over the next few weeks !:grinning:


At this juncture, the Pack is in a 3 way tie for first in their division. That means for sure that the the most important part of the season is in front of the team in terms of making the playoffs. Consequently thinking about major coaching changes at this point is extremely dysfunctional. For better or worse, we’ve got to let it ride.


McCarthy has lost his edge calling a full game successfully. His time management issues continue to get worse with getting the play in late.


It is better to move sooner than later. 10 years in a spot wears out welcome. MM is not an exception. He should have been fired after the monumental debacle in Seattle 2014…,

Do it clean soon and don’t start writing off years.


That monumental collapse in Seattle was not a coaching issue. HaHa Clinton-Dix got absolutely lost on the 2 point conversion on what should have been an easy breakup. Brian Bostick decided to try and be a hero and vacated his blocking assignment to field the Onside Kick. Tramon Williams gave an inside release on the game winning TD. Those were the 3 critical plays that resulted in Seattle winning the game. None of those issues were because of McCarthy. You guys want to blame him for this latest blunder as well, but McCarthy clearly said he we should have taken a knee in the endzone to preserve the clock and field position. I’m as sick about it as anyone, but this “fire McCarthy” agenda should at least have some tangible strings attached to it. There is only 1 coach out there I would clearly take over him. All of the other coaches have their own warts. Making a change just for the sake of doing something different is counter productive. You may get some good results from it, but then again you may start a long history of decline in your organization if you get it wrong. Is that a risk you want to take just because you don’t like somebody?


You can’t fear change, it is inevitable. MM has had the blessing of 2 HOF QBs. I get what you are saying but Epstein , Wolf and Walsh had it right. 10 year is plenty. And I must disagree he is responsible for execution, accountability, and a very muddled scheme.

But yes it could be worse, but the next Walsh could be behind door # 2 too. If all you want is a team that might compete again for a wild card MM may be OK, but he won’t be winnig another SB team anytime soon. But I respect and understand where you are coming from. Look at it this way there is a new emphasis on winning constantly. In 4 years Joe M has won over 400 games, won a WS for the first time since 1908, and he may not get extended in Chicago.


I don’t think it needs to be said, but Belichick is the guy I referred to saying there’s only one I would clearly take over McCarthy. With the upcoming game against New England I found the following comments from an ESPN article to be interesting based our differing perspectives. I haven’t heard too many quotes like these from Bill about other coaches.

“Mike’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever gone up against.”

“Coach McCarthy does a great job with this team, this organization… I have a ton of respect for the way they’re run, what they do, how they do it, and how consistently they’ve done it.”


BB is a great leader no doubt. And he said this same think the last time they played. Most likely there is some truth in terms of his belief, but like everything he does there is a purpose to this, he apparently does this often , something of a game he plays whoa is us against this mighty giant.

That said MM gets a chance to prove just how great he is in the next 9 games starting Sunday night.z


MM has lost his edge over the past several years with play calling, and late with getting the play calls in this year. Maybe he needs a break from play calling and actually use his OC.


Yeah that is a great observation, he is always late getting plays in…, I am totally blown away with how efficient Kyle Shanagan is with 2nd and 3rd string QBs. You would think MM could be more efficient with great talent. That said he has 9 games to prove he is brilliant. I say that tongue firmly in cheek. Even if he goes 6 or 7 wins he won’t get sent packing, Murphy doesn’t have the … but the other side to be fair is he could actually win 6 or 7 games. Let’s see what he does against Miami that game intrigues me…


Actually the call usually gets in with plenty of time. The issue here is Rodgers will not call for the snap until the last second. I understand his reasoning, but it’s gotten to the point that the defense knows when to go, and they are also disguising there coverages until that exact moment as well. I truly believe this is one of the things holding us back. Last night we had a delay of game and at least once in every game it seems we have to waste a timeout because of it. But if you watch when we break the huddle you will see it’s Rodgers who is milking the play clock.


Actually Rodgers commented after the game they are having trouble getting the play in. There seems to be communication issues.


I haven’t heard his quote, but I believe the context is “The Green Bay Packers are having problems getting the play in”. I would be shocked if Rodgers said McCarthy isn’t getting the plays in fast enough. This is how our offense has run for years. It’s not a new thing.