New Report MM fired


There is report from Bill Huber MM has been fired Philbun replaces him for the rest of the season


It is official statement on from Murphy.


Hey…a little late but, finally done.

It has been time for a new coach and the time has arrived.

Mac will probably go to Cleveland.


I would not be surprised to see that and McDaniel too. MM to Cleveland quickly but if it ends up Gute making the call, McDaniel and he could be a strong possibility. If Murphy continues to play GM Jed the head will have a big say. This is the time for Gute to demand being a real GM.


I would wager that with McCarthy gone, Gute will be allowed to hire the next coach. I think the structure that was in place was solely because of McCarthy’s tenure.


I would hope, would restore accountability. MM was on the verge of tears in his press conference while I really feel for he and his family this will open new doors for them and he is guaranteed 8M next year. We will see if Murphy steps back, I am just not certain.


I could see Alex Van Pelt back


I don’t see that as HC, maybe Qb coach or OC, but not HC.


I was not saying AVP as HC but he left under a black cloud in the MM regime. He is a Aaron Rodgers favorite.


That would surprise me especially qb coach…