New OL and LB Coaches


Kirk Olivadotti from Washington as the new LB coach, has a LONG history with the Redskins, with a stint at Georgia in the middle, most of it with LBers. He was on the same staff as LaFleur for one year under Mike Shanahan, don’t see any connection to Pettine, but a lot of experience.

Then Adam Stenavich, young (35) getting his first full position coaching job in the NFL after being assistant OL coach for two years in San Francisco under John Benton as OL coach and Kyle Shanahan as head coach. All three of them had worked together under Gary Kubiak in Houston for two years, while Stenavich was a player.

Not a ton of coaching experience, but he played OL and the coaching experience is with the system LaFleur is running, from working under guys he knows well. I like giving a young guy a chance here.


Olivadotti was the the ILB coach for the Redskins. He was given permission to interview for the same position in Green Bay. I would assume that he is going to be the ILB coach here.

Stenavich is a new coach period. He spent a year shadowing a OL Coach.


Thanks for the correction on Olivadotti! Everything I was reading was just saying “Linebackers Coach” so that makes more sense now.

I thought Stenavich was assistant offensive line coach in San Francisco for two years, a full staff member. Then he was the offensive line coach at San Jose State University for the previous two seasons. So not seeing how he’s a brand new coach.


College is different than the NFL. He was the Assistant (Basically the coffee boy for the coach), He didn’t have the responsibilities, he was told what to do to and when to do it by the actual OL coach.