Nathaniel Hackett Hired as OC (it seems)


So you would have preferred Pettine, who you were complaining about above as a “loser,” and Carmichael or Bieniemy who as you say above for LaFleur are “Essentially a QB coach” as they don’t call the plays for either of their offenses.


I think there is a strong argument for either LaFleur or McDaniel and all the rest were bigger ? marks.

Pettine has been deified too much in my view. My choice would have been McDaniel as he would have been more likely to stand up to Rodgers. I like LaFleur’s work and where he has been, I like that he will endeavor to speed up Rodgers and put more emphasis on bunching and motion. I like that he will likely remove a lot of complication from players putting it on himself.

My concern is Rodgers fights it. But I see them having only two choice, and never thought Carmichael was the right guy. I like Fangio and Toub a lot, but this wasn’t the right fit. The Packers have a lot tied into Rodgers. With 3 top 50 picks, who knows, maybe they will look at QBs and send people crazy. Don’t see Murphy allowing it, but probably intrigues the front office.


I wanted Gase because he has done a lot of good work with other teams. His lone HC stint with the Dolphins wasn’t great. They gave him full control of the roster which was a mistake in my mind, but it’s hard to fault his success with QB’s. He seemed to get the most out of some average guys too (Cutler, Tannehill). While LaFleur gets credit for the work he did with Matt Ryan I don’t think his resume is as solid as Gase, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be as good or even better.

I think my biggest fear right now is LaFleur calling plays. I would prefer he take a big picture seat and let someone else do it. It also seems to be limiting his options when it comes to hiring an OC. He only has 1 year of experience at it, and while there are some positives, there are also still some questions.

One thing I don’t like is this whole “new young offensive genius” label that keeps getting thrown around with Sean McVay leading the charge. I can’t count the number of times I heard that as a focal point for the coaching search. The Rams are winning with a roster full of talented players. So are the Chiefs and Andy Reid is not a “new young offensive guru”, nor Sean Payton, nor Bill Belichick. Matt Nagy falls into this focus as well. Still, despite the nice job Mitch Trubisky did this year it was the defense that carried that team to a Division Title. Good coaching and good players will usually win a lot of games. Fancy new coaching trends will come and go. This focus is misguided and took too much precedence.

All that being said though, it makes no sense grading things now. LaFleur will get his chance and we would be foolish to doom him before he even Coaches his first game.


Yes I would have had him in my top 5. He comes off abrupt like McDaniel, but that doesn’t bother me. In the end, LaFleur is the guy. He is an upbeat guy tied to Shanahan. I like the Walsh line and see Shanahan as more aggressive than the daddy Hackett wing. I always felt MM hid his weakness in complexity and being soft on players.

LaFleur will be dependent on FO talent aqustion, strength and conditioning, and harnessing Rodgers. A lot has to go right for this to end well, but here is to hoping it does…


I don’t really know who my pick was, I would have been fine with McDaniels if that was the decision made. There are a bunch of negatives there too, but if that was the decision I would have been fine.

Overall, as long as it was someone who was young and new, bringing some new life to the offense with a good pedigree, I was happy as LaFleur seems to meet that, having had a good amount of experience working with Kubiak, Kyle & Mike Shanahan, and McVay.

I’m not blown away by him, but I don’t know there were really any better options. I would have been happy with Bienemy as well, but being a month behind on hiring a staff for a guy with only one year of experience as an NFL OC (no play calling experience) is a big risk. And he also wasn’t really the first choice as OC either, he just got a promotion after Nagy went to Chicago.


But Sean Payton and and Andy Reid WERE “new young offensive gurus” when they became head coaches. Reid was never even a coordinator before he got his HC job. Payton was coming off of being a QB coach. Both were ~40.


Yeah I like the Peyton comparison, maybe I am whistling past the graveyard. I don’t like comparisons to MM. I see the Shanahan connection as a good one. I always liked Reed too.

I agree that we hope for the best and I would have been happy with any of the 5 I mentioned. I want to see the coaching staff and at this point my not disappointment is the ST coach from Miami left without an agreement. They need to fix that spot once and for all…


Right. It’s difficult to know unless you have the inside scoop on these guys. I’m hopeful.


They just hired SF adol coach to hire ol. I like it shows big balls in my view, really like this move …go big or go home…


Based on experience/history I was preferring Frank Pollack as OL coach, but with Adam Stenavich it seems he wants to just go new and young. He had some pull and worked directly with both, so I have to imagine he went with the one he actually wanted, thus I won’t judge too much until I see the results.

It IS interesting that Frank Pollack was the assistant OL coach (assistant to John Benton, the current 49ers OL coach that Stenavich was working under) for Adam Stenavich (playing on the line) with LaFleur at offensive assistant for the 2008 and 2009 Houston Texans, under Kubiak as head coach and Kyle Shanahan as OC.


Yep, there were several good experienced coaches available. What I like about this choice is it is fairly bold. I think his DB coach is going to be very important.

No one can assure us this works. I have a lot of qualms about the structure and even who really controls things, but if he gets a good STC and DB, whatever the structure it is on the Packer organization to win. If LaFleur fails Murphy, Ball and all of them will be going. I honestly think we will know a whole lot next season. They have to win more than 6 games, or …