Nathaniel Hackett Hired as OC (it seems)


Getting reported that Hackett has the OC job - &

I honestly like the pick, as he was handicapped a lot by Bortles in Jacksonville and still did a respectable job. Additionally, this isn’t a completely diverging offensive scheme (like it would have been with Monken) as both LaFleur and Hackett are based off the West Coast offense.

I actually like that the hire isn’t someone he worked with before, so it brings in some new (while still related) ideas and experience.

Oh, and forgot, Pettine and Hackett did work together for one season, 2013, in Buffalo. Not sure if that helped here?


So what does the Packers OC actually do other than help game plan? LaFleur is the playcaller and the offense will be whatever LaFleur puts together.


Exactly, they help with the offensive game plan, additionally, I would think the offensive coordinator is the one who has more control over the offensive drills, etc. in practices, as I’d hope the head coach would be more focused on the bigger picture, the team as a whole.

And almost more importantly, I think now with the OC on-board we’ll start seeing more hires on the offensive side of the ball, as I would think LaFleur would want to make sure he had buy-in from the OC for any positional coaching hires he was making. Additionally, with Hackett’s experience (and his dad’s experience) in the league, that might help with some more connections to help bring some good coaches in.


He basically is the packager for LaFleurs system. While I was never much of a fan of his dad , I thought he did an excellent job in 2017 with the Jaguars. He would also gave tremendous insight into some of their young high risk talent they may come available.

Brad Childress is rumored to be his QB coach. I would guess he is waiting on the Jets WR coach and then he has pretty much filled in his Offensive staff


How about an OL coach?


I forgot​:joy::unamused:
I do though assume he has someone in mind…


He couldn’t do any worse than Philbin.


Hackett is close friends with McVay. Ran a hybrid WCO with a bad QB with the Jags.

There is a rumor starting saying that Brad Childress is going to be the QB Coach.

Hackett is known to be a highly emotional sideline guy for the offense. I wonder, since he isn’t calling the plays, if he could do some emotional sideline stuff to get the defense fired up.


HC: LaFleur - Titans
OC: Hackett - Jags
DC: Pettine - Browns
WR Coach: Dorrell - Jets
ST: Rizzi (??) - Dolphins

Good grief. Do any of these guys know how to WIN? They sure know what it’s like to have high draft picks!


McCarthy Didn’t know how to win before he won.


I’m no fan of McCarthy, who claimed that he coached Joe Montana…though he was just the quality control assistant while Montana was in KC.

I just fail to see why we a coaching staff made up of guys from perennial AFC basement-dwellers…I guess GB isn’t much of a job anymore.


I would not call the people he is looking at a drop from MM. Hackett is not his father, to me that is a good thing. He has some cred in my view and I have been around long enough to know the family.

Childress for example has an impressive background. Miami’s ST coach is one of the best in the NFL. I think we have to give him a chance to fill out his staff. His choice of DB coach, OL, and ST are very important.

Reich in Indy just let his OL coach go as he was McDaniels guy, this guy did a heck of job with Indy…


I would disagree with your statement slank. Green Bay is the only interview that the Patriots McDaniels would go for. Once the Packers selected their guy LaFleur, the other head coaching positions filled up immediately afterwards.It seems like most of the top candidates were waiting on Green Bay.


I love how selective you’re being… You do know that before the Titans (who did have a winning record of 9-7 and almost made the playoffs), LaFleur was at LA (11-5, won their division) and the year before he was with the Falcons, who also went 11-5, won their division, and made it to the Super Bowl.

But yeah, he doesn’t know how to win?


Selective? Sorry I didn’t list the entire resume of each guy. LaFleur was in L.A. for a cup of coffee. He was a QB coach in Atlanta, again for a cup of coffee.

Hackett has been in Jax for years, and before that he was in Buffalo. The rest are also part of the AFC doomed troop who pick in the top 10 every year. While they may all have some big upside, it’s at least reasonable to wonder why we’ve hired guys from a bunch of losing teams…

  1. LaFleur: Essentially a QB coach until this year, when he called plays for the first time ever as an OC. Offense finished 25th.
  2. Hackett: 5 years with Jax and Buffalo with one winning season (edited).
  3. Pettine: had a very successful season under Rex Ryan in NY. 10 years ago.

After missing the playoffs for two seasons now, these guys are going to propel this roster back into contention?

I can’t help but wonder why Kubiak is a Vikings assistant, rather than our head coach. He’s well up the tree that LaFleur is part of…

I know, I know. Shut up and enjoy the magic about the unfold.


So LaFleur being somewhere for two years is insignificant, “for a cup of coffee” and Hackett is somewhere for 3.5 years defines him as a loser, even though in one of those years he took Blake Bortles to the conference championship game, in his only full season as their offensive coordinator.

I guess it is easy to define people by failures when you just ignore the rest… The last losing season LaFleur was a part of was the 2013 Redskins, but he’s a loser, got it…


You’re right. I’m just being cagey because I see a lineup of AFC losers taking the reins of my favorite team. Who knows? I’m hoping for the best but I don’t see anyone hired so far that has had any real responsibility for a winning team, especially under adversity (aka injuries, suspensions)…


Neither did McCarthy and we won a Super Bowl with him.

Just wondering which candidate you would have actually been happy with.


Very fair observation and I didn’t like the McCarthy hire, either. I’m not entirely sure that he was a great coach. He was blessed with two Hall of Fame QBs and he may well have developed the second but we haven’t had a backup QB worthy of the title, so I’m not sure. Time will tell. Nobody was particularly excited to hire him after he was dismissed from the Pack.

And very fair question re: who I liked. I like the idea of keeping Pettine for continuity but at HC, I would have preferred a D guy like Flores (NE), or if we must have an O guy, either Carmichael or Bieniemy. But those guys were going deep into the playoffs and it appears that the Packers thought enough of LaFleur to pull the trigger rather than wait on the hire.

With LaFleur at the helm (and a month from his first season calling plays as a legit OC) I’d prefer to have an experienced assistant like Kubiak giving him some cover and and some help if/when needed. Seems wise.


Out of curiosity, is LaFleur the guy you were hoping for? What do you think he brings to the team? Is his O system and thinking so much more suitable for our personnel? I really don’t know.