My take on the offseason


Who knows key pivot guy is Bulaga, very tough call. There are big injury issues here and he is unlikely to play another 5 years, but how much is left and what does it take. He had a really good year. My guess is someone will pay him at least 39M for 3 years. I think if the Pack are in won’t be for more than 2 years guaranteed and 10M a year, so tough to call. My guess is he might be gone. Tough to say no of Know.

If Bulaga stays Linsley gets cut, his cap no given his play is too high. He might get cut anyway but more likely if Bulaga stays.

Martinez is done in GB, as are Graham and Taylor.

Tramon is a coin toss depending on price he could go though.

Crosby depends on price and length. Guessing he stays.

Bulaga is the pivot.

I think they are likely to be a little more active in FA than people think, but will trade out of round 1 for a 2 and 3. So I am sure probably wrong and they move up in 1 for a QB​:joy::sunglasses:

Guy to watch is Robbie Anderson they were after him at the trade deadline…


Bulaga IMO does not fit the blocking scheme.


Martinez imo doesn’t fit the defense. Martinez was a tackler after he got hit. They need a guy who hits and tackles coupled with some coverage skills.


Yeah tough call on Bulaga, I think he likely gets a 3 year 39 M deal offer. I wouldn’t go 3 years and wouldn’t go that money. 2 years @20 might be a stretch… there might be fa options hearing a couple of names.

Martinez try hard guy and it is no fault of his. Just not a fit.

A couple of names in the draft at lb intrigue me like Quarterman from Miami … combine will give us a little more to talk about…


Gary looks like he slimmed down. He might be moving to middle linebacker. But still we need more at lb and dL in the middle.


He gas fairly low body fat, 6’5” 270 plus sub 4.60 40 looks like all the Baltimore and KC vintage 3 -4 … Just don’t see him in the middle. He was is a guy they will move around, but don’t see him as a middle LB. Now that said he could be coming from a lot of places used in a lot of ways. He looks the same size to me…


Right now He looks skinnier and lanky. Instead of thick


He is wearing sweats so maybe 265-270. Went back and looked at combine workout, could be less thick in ass and thighs, but tough to tell. He looked to me this season to play at 265 and looks 265 to me here, so that would be 12 Lbs lighter than at 277 combine weight.

Those aren’t lb drills, those are hand fighting pass rush drills. Can he move around and rush from inside … yes. Does he have ilb short area quickness to drop, not really. More important it would be a waste of what his strength is and what they are trying to accomplish.


Usually when you notice a difference, it is a 20 to 25 lb loss of weight. With this style of defense, it is imperative that it has a Ray Lewis style ILB.


I don’t disagree, but two completely different players. Lewis was similar in size to Quarterman. Gary has a future as a PR not as an ILB and is a completely different skill set from Lewis…

Wolf always kicked himself for not moving up a couple of spots to draft Lewis…different size, and short area quickness…


Great discussion as usual


Lewis was just over 6’ at the 96 combine 235 with a slightly lower BMI than Gary, but ran a 4.51 40, later he ran a 4.37 at his pro day in Miami for scouts. He also had character flaws…

Quarterman is similar in size and has some strength but he isn’t Lewis. Will be really interesting to see how he performs at the combine…


My view point is that they need to put in the best bandage ATM because they don’t have what is needed. Quarterman would be interesting as a prospect.


I am not a big Queen fan , I really like Murray. To me Quarterman in 3 would be great value, some upside there.

Who knows. I think the kid from Colorado is very intriguing Shenault. He is exactly what Rodgers needs, big time beast with the ball in his hand the fixation with the bomb and some of these speed guys is way off. 10 days from now the rumors will be thick. OT could figure prominently…


I think that the best player will be taken in the first give who is available. Maybe a top 15 talent will drop due to some last minute off the field issue and run on QBs. I think that Shenaults best quality is his frame that is built for a hit. Allison and ESB are not built for taking hits which limits them to being mostly effective on the sideline. Shenault looks like a taller Cobb.


Couple updates

Shenault is a beast over 6, 6004 I think and 227. Too me looks nothing like Cobb, accept he could do Wildcat, use out of the run, and slot. While Cobb was more finished , Shenault has more upside. Reagor ran a 4.47 to Shenault 4.58, both are great for the Packers moving these two down to their numbers.

On the surprising side they haven’t talked to Bulaga camp with Whispers he might not be back.

On the Pettine is insane front, rumors Packers are all over a 6’5 262 OLB with injury issues with a firm 2nd round grade.

Keep in mind all GMs lie, all agents lie so…

Name to really watch in FA Michael Pierce Baltimore run stopper.


Three others they are looking at… Murray, Queen and Raekwon Davis. I don’t like Queen he is fast but very light in the Pants. Murray has excellent size very surprised at his second size. Oh Queen reminds me of faster slightly heavier version of Ha Ha. A lot of draft people saying 2 nd round Casserly saying 30 to GB they are giving him a hard look,

The more this unfolds, they can and will make 11 M in cap space and to t really looks like they will sign at least 1 or 2 better fa than people think…


I was referring to his body type.


3 receivers to really watch as so many pee their pants over Mims. Shenanult, Reagor and Duvernay. Duvernay is 60 on but this kid is really good. GB and the 49ers are said to be really ga ga over Reagor. I never thought Reagor would run a 4.2, to me watching him I might be slightly faster than he ran, but he is a good player, I like Shenault a lot. Duvernay is a good player too. Keep in mind 27 receivers have day 1 and 2 round grades. Very weak TE class. They are in on Hooper, in on 3 FA ILB including Littleton out on Bulaga and Martinez…


I would think that the WR coach would have some say in any WR being looked at. I really think at this point that the WR coach position maybe filled from within.