MM will never be able to manage the clock


It sucked again today. Worked at the end of the first half. But what was he doing in the second? Had to at least get one more TO out of them on the at the 2 minute warning. I understand taking one shot at the endzone, but the second gave them 2 TO’s and the warning to stop the clock.

The other thing that got me was trying to draw Min off side and taking one. Then not being ready to go after the TO and getting a motion penalty as they rushed to get the play off.


You do have a point, all those TO wasted also because of the late calls that didn’t allow time for Rodgers to read the defense.


I agree. After the interception with 2:05 left was the time to throw. Especially if it’s play action. Attack the end zone and such a play call easily runs off 5 seconds.

Then run the ball and burn one of their time outs. Then we can play it either way depending on down and distance. Throw trying to score or run to burn clock.

To run at 2:05 knowing The clock will be stopped at the two minute warning, and THEN throwing twice accomplishes absolutely nothing so far as running clock or burning time outs.

I Like MM but he will never learn how to manage the clock correctly. 13 years of practice and he still messes it up.


A lot of the time I don’t understand timeout complaints. At least the one (described by FloridaPacker) makes sense to me.


My issue with the second half was they struggle consistently with the clock period. Rodgers always seemed to be getting the play off with 1 second and there had to be some issue with plays getting to him. The one controversial run was an audible from a pass play. Maybe it was a game plan to eat clock but don’t ever remember such consistent clock issue as this Sunday.


Rodgers likes to take as much time as possible and make adjustments, but it is hard when the play comes in late. That is where I think most of the timeouts come in play. A faster call and audible out if needed would be the cure for that.