MM will be unplugged


With Rob Demovsky and the tease is he isn’t happy with Murphy. It will be interesting with Rodgers Moss on ESPN said there was never an issue there recently…stay tuned.


This should be an interesting read. I have seen a couple of quick takes, but have not read through it yet.


Just finished it. I was expecting more bitterness, honestly. I think Mike took the high road.

He clearly is not happy with Murphy. And this might have been a subtle shot

All I know is I did my job every day and was accountable to winning in line with the standards and the values of the Green Bay Packers that were established by the likes of Ted Thompson and clearly Bob Harlan a long time ago.

But didn’t linger on Murphy like I thought he might.

This bit by Rob was a nice acknowledgement as well

McCarthy also served as the spokesman for the franchise during everything from the Brett Favre saga of 2008 to the Fail Mary situation of 2012 to almost every personnel decision that his reclusive former general manager, Ted Thompson, never would publicly address. McCarthy still lives in Green Bay with his wife, Jessica, and their family.

He did a great job of being the shield for the rest of the organization for a long time. You could definitely see cracks emerging in the last couple years, but he handled it all as well as anyone could.


Modern Journalism hype hype hype let em down. No sensational remark there. Nice piece for MM and his family, seems fair and empathetic, classy on Rodgers, not negative about him, but not gushing either. I agree with you not so on Murphy, but whatever he wants to say he won’t. I agree on Harlan with him and like Wolf and Elliot, unlike Mike apparently. I don’t think Mike ever got over Wolf firing all of them after he fired Rhodes. But I agree with your take on the piece…


MM knows that his future is being a Packer Legend. He doesn’t want to burn bridges.


Yep, it was Demovsky hyping for hits…


After further review, Murphy if all that is being puked up in the last 12 hours is true, should be forced out. Wow, what a mess. Murphy needs to be locked out along with Ball of all football decisions at the minimum. I remember some of the distinction with Mike Sherman’s last year and Favre, but Murphy let this thing go so long and now wants to get his hands in. Rodgers should be damn ashamed at some of this coming out.

That executive committee is a disgrace if there is any truth to this.

I know this for certain, one small part, directly from the War Room from a key participant TT had to be talked into Rodgers, all those advocating Rodgers are gone TT wanted to trade down for 2 guys who busted with AFC team in their 1st contract. No doubt either that Rodgers held it against MM SF didn’t take him 1.

The critical thing is to figure out if Rodgers is playing this passive aggressive game to send the message to the Packers and LaFleur that he is the boss…


The last day and a half now has been an absolute shit-show. What an embarrassment all around.

I don’t even know how to process how ridiculous it all is.

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I have been taking a wait and see approach to this so far. These are my first public comments regarding the Tyler Dunne article and subsequent quotes.

First, we all know that not everything was right with the Packers the last 2 years. When a team isn’t winning things that may be a source of friction often bubble up and even grow into something big. I think we saw that happen, week by week culminating in McCarthy’s dismissal.

That said, the article begins by saying over 50 people were questioned, and yet only 3 were referenced by name. It’s a surprise to absolutely nobody that 2 of those names are Jennings and Finley, both of whom have been jaded towards the Packers from the moment their Pro careers were either ended or resumed elsewhere. Ryan Grant was the 3rd name and he was by far the most believable person quoted. Where are quotes from ex-Packers like James Jones, Jordy Nelson, Julius Peppers, Jared Cook, Micah Hyde… hell, even Damarius Randall, Ty Montgomery or Haha Clinton-Dix? I realize that unnamed sources is not in itself a reason to condemn an article or story, but when you come out with something as flame inducing as the Dunne report and the guys (up to 50 according the report) you are quoting are not willing to go on record (except those who are already on record in critical fashion) it tells me they either aren’t real or worth listening to.

Beyond that, the article talks about things that were said that noone outside of the conversation would be privy to. The greatest of these statements is that Murphy told Rodgers to “not be the problem”. I’m going to move on to my final opine rather quickly because I don’t want this to become too long or venture into a diatribe rant. But, Dunne said something along the lines of his article will show how two egos resulted in the demise of the Packers. He then only contributes so-called player quotes that (A.) make McCarthy seem like a bumbling idiot who doesn’t show up to meetings and doesn’t hold players accountabe, etc. or (B.) refer to Rodgers as a Diva who was trying to sabotage his coach because of his ties to San Francisco while drafting Smith #1 overall, or because McCarthy is a horrible playcaller; and as someone who alienates players if he doesn’t like them.

Immediately after the piece went viral you had guys like James Jones, Tom Crabtree and others say it was surprising to them and they didn’t see any of the stuff being talked about while they were here. In the following days we’ve seen many others speak up, including Jeff Janis who was referenced in the article as a victim of Rodgers and McCarthy’s antics, yet Janis says he has nothing but respect for both of those men. In the end, I choose to believe there are probably some very small nuggets of truth to the article, but that it takes great liberties to sound authoritative and accurate when it’s real purpose is to capture viewers and probably further the career aspirations of it’s writer. To me it’s overly sensational and flawed beyond belief.


I just wanted to talk about Jennings and Finley a little more. I didn’t feel any of this fit in my previous post, also much of this is conjecture on my part. First, I remember being more than a little blindsided when Jennings first spoke negatively of the Packers and Rodgers while playing in Minnesota. I now believe Jennings was carrying some resentment towards the end of his Packers career and not being resigned cemented his feelings.

Perhaps you remember these tweets from his sister (which I thought at the time was all her, but in hindsight I believe she was echoing some of Jennings private conversations to his family). This was the last game of the regular season vs. the Vikings in 2012, Jennings final season in Green Bay.
"Who can make a play @GregJennings can! He’s the best freakin receiver these clowns got! Now take your talents to south beach & get paid!:moneybag::dollar:"
"@GregJennings ball out so you can leave this team! They will miss u when your gone! It’s all good bye packers! Cheap team, can’t afford him"
Leading up to this game Jennings had been dealing with a groin injury and Randall Cobb took on a larger role in the Packers offense. The following summer in Minnesota Jennings says he was “brain washed” while in Green Bay.

Coincidentally (or not) Jermichael Finley started showing signs of discontent during the same span of time. In fact this article was written in November of 2012 while Finley was dealing with a shoulder injury and struggling to catch the ball.

His season numbers actually looked pretty good, though his yards per catch were lower than normal. It was the following year that Finely suffered his career ending neck injury. But I remember all the way back to the Superbowl and how Finley was one of the guys right before the superbowl that publicly complained that he wasn’t invited to the team photo event (which the team adjusted for him and a few other players on IR). Finley was always immature, even publicly talking about how “back shoulder throws don’t work for me”… after getting chewed out for running the wrong route in a game during his rookie year.

These are players that I admired for their talent and I was glad they were on my team. But, after 6 and 7 years respectively they are still pissing all over the franchise that selected them in the draft, gave them millions of dollars and so much more. Instead of being adorned for decades by loyal Packer fans who would forever be happy to meet and talk with them and get their autographs they have instead made themselves into clowns that we’d just as soon forget. These are the fools that Tyler Dunne looped his entire story on. The more I think about it the less I believe any of it. I just can’t believe that nearly 50 people spoke to him off the record and described even half the ridiculous assertions he puts out as being facts based on real detective work, which he claims took 4 months to piece together.

I believe in just 10 minutes i’ve done enough detective work to discredit his 2 biggest contributors in Jermichael Finley and Greg Jennings. I seriously hope this is the last time I write or even mention their names again.

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I think that both are coming from the selfish perspective of creating Aaron Rodgers which they didn’t.


I think everything you two have said is fine, I have never paid much attention to anyone player or writer. My concern is that there have been obvious coaching and front office issues over the last 4 years. Finley and Jennings have always been divas and discredited themselves.

That said, Rodgers has done and said some things that are disturbing. I continue to believe the best course is to elevate Gute as full powers and tie all of these folks to the same life jacket. Even today Rodgers made a disturbing comment MLF gets no honeymoon. We will see, but there is nothing in all of this that is is new…::

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And I agree with a lot broader points and take it a little further. They all just need to shut the hell up and take a moratorium on blabbing their head to the media. MM is very unlikely to get a Coaching gig any time soon and a lot of NFL talk he is unlikely to ever work, everyone involved the last few mos looks really bad, Murphy now says he didn’t say that to Rodgers, so now Dunne is completely discredited unless he reveals his source, Murphy should have let this go. I have simple advice for the Packers, let your mantra, spin etc narrative be “we will let our play and work speak for itself, we look forward to a championship season and a great future. The past is past leave it there, beyond that we have no comment on perceived controversy “ . MM is defending himself, Murphy better pray Dunne isn’t willing to reveal his source…,

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