MM just doesn't get it


A pass on first down. Then burn a TO in a one point game. Why try and draw them off?

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You are correct MM is a mess. Petrine gets a A-/B+, MM gets a D as OC and F as head coach today.

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There are apparently rumors tonight the Packers are very active trying to sell before the trade deadline. I like this not just because they want move Dix, but because to me it suggests Gute is in control. They have 4 really difficult games and while with breaks they might win 2, this is not a real SB contender. The window for Rodgers is narrowing, better to start retooling and building for a real run right now.

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MM Clock management :F Play calling: D
Pettine: Based on what he did today, A. Based on overall B


I have seen it minimally in speculation by SI and repeated by other sources about Clinton Dix. He is worth a first rounder but no one is going to deal that. Probably a 2nd or a 3rd rounder plus a conditional pick.


If they could get a 3 and a conditional for him, should jump at it. I would think also Cobb and even Allison could be available based on where they have him in next year’s plans.

I understand with Montgomery, but he really takes snaps from Jones. If he were used as a bigger version of Cobb, not so bulked up, that would be fine. I don’t buy MM excuse that they didn’t want that but he was just trying to make a play. His only upside as a returner is not making a mistake. I like Zook, but between the fake punt, not challenging the Shields on the line, and that bringing it out, I return to my roots, MM and Zook should be sent packing. And I say that because with MM especially since 2014 keeps making excuses for dumb decisions and lack of execution, but never gets it fixed.

The Corners and young wife receivers are one big positive though…


The only way coach Mac keeps his job is if they make the playoffs. I don’t see that happening.


Fans always want to hand out the F grade.

I get the frustration in a close game, but for MM, I’d go C for playcalling and D for clock management. That seems closer to me. If the playcalling was much worse than that, there is no way the Packers are on the cusp of one FG drive to beat the best team in the NFL. It isn’t a noteworthy score, but it hasn’t got an F in it, or even close.


When I see MM, I see a coach who fails to adapt to the new NFL and keep recycling old ideas. I don’t see a coach who has the tenacity, accountability, or intelligence to get us to another Super Bowl before Rodgers is done. It’s time for change; the coaching staff/scheme are outdated with exception to Pettine (who deserves another year or two).


clock management is an F. Not an overall grade


I would give MM F for sideline management and design. Maybe you can give him a D because he still seems to have some of Rodger’s loyalty, but his scheme and the way he coordinates is not good.

Yeah, I like Petrine, but I would give him a B which is improvement. Overall, today they are clearly retooling. I expect more changes not less. This sure appears a big wake up call for MM and veterans. At least today there may well be a sign on MM’s coaches lounge “beware closed for remodel” . I think to even sniff at a wild card with 9 games left, they need to wind 5 or 6 games. They probably beat Arizona. Should be favored against Jets and Detroit. All the rest will give MM problems. Don’t like it, but I think the Bears will beat them at Soldier Field. I know this is painful for some including AR who deserves a lot of credit for playing hurt, but it was necessary. I think it portends well for 2019 and 2020.

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