McCarthy "Tree"


How many coaches from McCarthy’s staff have reached high ranks with other teams? Andy Reid has quite a number. Long time ago I took the lack of such a result as a signal of Sherman’s limited capability. Is Mike in a similar boar?


His highest profile one that became a head coach is back as offensive coordinator.


McAdoo and Philbin both became head coaches, but neither lasted that long.

To compare, look at say Sean Payton, similar tenure, etc. and he just has Dennis Allen and Doug Marrone. Now, Marrone has seen some success (made the playoffs once), but that is also after having been HC at Syracuse and Buffalo first.


Actually McAdoo was a good HC, just bad situation.


When I think of trees I think of the line we stand on the shoulders of giants. We stand on Walsh and Wolf shoulders…both lines run through GB to a complete sense in Wolf and indirectly in Walsh. I don’t think of MM or Peyton for that matter in that sense…