McCarthy said that he was dumbing down the Offense this year


Making a little more simple because it was too complex. The only ones that it will benefit is the new QBs and WRs. It is hurting Rodgers and the offense not having more on the table against defenses that make basic offenses look like Pee Wee Football.


This was not a fun game to watch. We didn’t play well at all and you can no longer sack the QB in the NFL. I have now seen the same player flagged back to back weeks for “I have no idea.”

I can tell you what holding, clipping, pass interference, off sides, false start, illegal motion, etc look like.
But I have no idea what roughing the passer is. Or I should say, I don’t know how a defensive player tackles a QB in the pocket and it NOT be roughing the Passer.

I don’t want guys to get hurt, but so much of this game anymore doesn’t even look like Football. It’s almost unwatchable. Especially when we play as bad as we did today.


When they did their best is when Rodgers pretended his headset was busted.