Lets Get Ready for Training Camp!


Soon the news gates will open and we will be flooded with information instead of speculation.


Anyone else super excited for this?


ZZZZ - Hmmph…EH what !? I must have been dozing for the last half a year. Nearly time to wake up again.


Let know if you see your shadow on Thursday… lol.



:grinning: Yup!!! I’m ready for the camp to open & a new season. I’m more optmistic this year than the the last few season because I have more hope that the D will finally improve and give the PACKERS abetter chance to make the playoff & (naturally) to win it ALL!!!


Love the young WR’s size and what they could add.


Not to mention the heavily re-vamped cornerback situation.
Tramon Williams
Kevin King
Jaire Alexander
Josh Jackson

+backing them up is House/Hawkins/Brown/Pipkins/Waters/Goodson. Should be able to get two decent 5th/6th corners out of those six, ones who could also help on ST’s.

Now if only the Packers can get away for a few years, from drafting DBs in the first two rounds.


Yes and to be better than last year is a major upgrade.



Yeah, I don’t see any reason to not be excited.

  1. Rodgers is back!
  2. The defense has been our biggest weakness, but now we have a completely revamped secondary (HAS to be better than last year) a new defensive coordinator that the players seem excited about, and a former All-Pro DL. I’m excited to see what happens there!
  3. I feel Graham is an upgrade over Nelson, and the new, young receivers give us some speed and athleticism we haven’t had at WR in a LONG time.
  4. I’m also excited to see the growth of Williams and Jones at RB in their second year.
  5. Philbin is back! We know how productive this offense was with him at coordinator.

I really don’t see any reason to be down about this season, or at least not excited about seeing how things go.


Pettine + Philbin + complete re-vamp of offensive playbook…

  • Gute as GM + Alexander + Jackson + J.Jones yr2, + Biegel yr2 + Gilbert yr.2 + M.Adams yr2 + J.Graham + M.Lewis
    = hope and expectation meter (which goes from 1-10) is set on 11.


So excited that Training Camp is here. I haven’t been to Camp in several years and am planning on going on Tuesday. The weather is supposed to be ok.

I will share what I can when I get back.

Can’t wait. :smiley: