LA by 9 over Packers


An indication of how little odds-makers think of the Pack.


If Aaron Rodgers is calling the plays for the whole game, I would flip that. But it is pretty close to being spot on with Mike McCarthy calling the offense.


I think you give Rodgers too much credit. He doesn’t call the plays. He’s given some freedom at the LoS and often times has multiple plays or versions of a play (ex. RPO) to choose from given what he sees, but that is and always has been McCarthy. Rodgers liberties are greater than most given his talent, intelligence and experience. But, Rodgers has never, nor will he ever be given full control of the offense. Even during the 2 minute offense Rodgers is given a package of plays, so while he may make many (not all) of the calls, they are with McCarthy’s finger prints all over them, and they are very well rehearsed.

There may be a couple of exceptions where Rodgers had to make a call based on the down and distance and time clock (ex. the Cook pass in Dallas) but that’s one play in a 60 minute game.


Rodgers calls the plays in the 2 minute drill as he reads the defense.


I don’t agree with that. We would never run the ball. He’d get sacked all the time because he held the ball too long. There’s a difference between running the ball during the game and against a prevent D in the 2 minute.


It would have been 9 points on the button had Gurley ran into the endzone.