Jordan Love heir apparent


Wow, could have went the other direction.

Apparently the offense will be rebuilt the next couple of years.


In Yeah who knows. Sure this is controversial. They keep comparing this to 2005, but that is blatantly unfair to all involved. To start Rodgers was thought to be the 1st pic. Also, they didn’t trade up. So now Rodgers may be even more difficult to deal with and the first opportunity to financially move on would realistically be 2023.

Then again Gute has put himself out on a limb to some extent. Maybe he will upgrade the O and weapons, but wouldn’t be shocked if he does nothing to add weapons. If this kid turns out to be Mahomes, he is a genius, if he turns out to be another flop, Gute is likely in trouble.

Tough to know much without knowing how they really feel about Rodgers and seeing the rest of the draft.


To be fair the Packers ranked when Rodgers got hurt. This exposed their terrible choices they had in back ups. However love reminds me of Kizer with the vision of Huntley.


So it’s coming out that teams were trying to trade up into the first with Green Bay to get Love (that doesn’t sound right). And seem like the Dolphins are more than willing to trade out of that pick. I wonder who the teams were, the Patriots?

Now the question is how does Love fit MLFs offense?


Was supposedly Indy and NE…


I heard New England too