Jimmy Graham one huge mistake?


He was supposed to be a big weapon but has shown very little. He doesn’t fight for the ball especially against smaller and weaker defenders. His hands have been like stone. Rodgers is lucky that he didn’t have a tone INTs because of him this year.


I don’t know I would call him a huge mistake. Falls into the category of most older fa’s, he wasn’t the 26 old version.

Wilkerson too was maybe even a little more of mistake. But in free agency you always get someone obviously someone else gave up on…,


Hard to call WIlkerson a mistake, he didn’t have a major injury history (missed a total of 4 games over 7 seasons due to injury) and he went out in week 3.

And I agree, I don’t think Graham was a huge mistake, but definitely a disappointment. I would have expected more, and I agree, what has disappointed me the most is he doesn’t really seem to fight for the ball or make the catches he used to. He’s a big guy, and isn’t playing like it when it comes to contested catches, or just even making catches over the top.


Graham a huge mistake ? In retrospect at least a mistake, maybe not huge, but a mistake.

Wilkerson looked ok until he got injured - wouldn’t complain if the Pack had him back in 2019. Daniels, Clark, Wilkerson Lancaster, Adams (if he keeps developing) and Lowry, isn’t a bad line at all. Not all world (as a unit), but the Pack can win with them. If the Packers get one of the many highly talented DLs in the 2019 draft they could potentially be a real top unit.


I agree, it could be nice to have Wilkerson back. I would debate that that d-line could be one of the best in the league with that crew. Clark, Wilkerson, and Daniels can all be Pro Bowl level players and now the way we’ve seen Lowry and Lancaster stepping up with all the injuries.

And yeah, we can agree on Graham, mistake, maybe not huge mistake. :slight_smile:


I expected Graham to flop. But I think the Packers knew it was a possibility too. They don’t lose much if they cut him before March 3. And I expect they will.

As long as they do I think it was a mistake, not a huge mistake. But if they bring him back…


Remove Graham before the 2020 season is a $3.6m dead cap hit. If done before the 2019 season it is $7.3m according to spotrac. So they do stand to lose a great deal if he is cut soon.


It depends on what pill they want to swallow I guess.

Yes, he would count ~$7.3 mil against the cap if cut. But if not cut he is going to get a $5.3 roster bonus and consume a whopping $12.5 mil against the cap in 2019.

Can they take that $5+ mil savings and get production better than Graham?

I don’t know. He is probably worth about that. Maybe a little more. But I’d rather cut the cord, admit the mistake and be free of any comittment in 2020.