Is it possible to get my old moniker back?


Ummm, that would be carp to many of you.

I must have gotten distracted by something shiny on the trail over here and lost you guys, but I’m back again. haha You can’t get rid of me that easy…


it is, and I’ll do that now. Welcome back carpenster! :smiley:


I’m in! Yay and thank you! :wink:


Hi there carp and Sneakers. My username was Swizz, but I don’t sreem able to use it, probably because my e-mail has changed.

I have signed in as a new user, with Turophile as my username (I use that name on Cheesehead TV), but I’d rather have Turophile switched back to my old name of Swizz if that is possible.

PS It’s been a while since i was on the Packerwire site, so I was caught out by the change. This site seems on first glance to be more active now, it’s a nice find.


Just email or message trickyd for help.


Good to see you back Swizz. The upgrade was much needed and it is more user friendly as technology has changed. Once again TrickyD is the one to contact over the user name issue.


Welcome back, @Swizz

I just transferred the posts to your old account and updated the email address to the one used for Turophile. Just click through to set your password and I think you will be all set.

But if you have any trouble just send me an email,


Many thanks. I’m in with a new (longer) password and my old name. Thanks for the prompt action, i have already made several posts…
Thanks too, to Fox_NFLs_Green_Gold, for the welcome.


I’m putting mine up for auction. Any takers? :slight_smile:


I’ll take yours… so i can argue with myself ! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: