Hundley traded to Seahawks


Reading this info on various sites. Packers get a pick in the 2019 Draft from Seahawks. Haven’t seen which round yet.


It looks to be a sixth round pick.


Maybe an indication of TT’s decline. He was very good at getting QB’s, but busted on this one. He gave up a 5th and 7th and in the end with 3 years training, the guy only went for a 6th. From what I saw I liked the other guy better, and maybe we can keep the young guy for developmejnt.


I have to disagree with that. The chances of a 5th round QB having success are small. The Packers took a punt which only partially worked out. Then they got a 6th for him. A gamble that was only a small loss…and might look smaller still, if the Seahawks stumble this year and that pick is at the higher end of round 6 picks.

You could point at some things that suggested TT’s decline, I don’t think that this is a good example.


6th round is good for getting depth on the OL,


I’m very happy with a 6th round pock for Hundley. No doubt had he led us to 8-9 wins we would have received more. But for how he played to get a 6th rounder back works for me.

So I believe that already gives us 9 picks for 2019 including 2 #1s and 2 #6s. That’s a lot of ammo that allows us have a great season while also getting a higher pick in rounds 1 and 6, not to mention the added trade power associated with having those extra picks.

I’ve heard House mentioned as a potential trade option also. That’s good because it would give us a 10th pick but also because it says something positive about how the Packers perceive quality in their DB core without House.


I saw another article talking about Seattle getting a good deal here because they are getting a backup QB with experience who still has tremendous upside. Frankly, I just don’t get it. All Hundley proved to me last year is that he will never be more than a guy you hope you never have to play. I’m not sure why they gave him so much playing time in camp and preseason. For me once you know a guy is not the guy, move on.


Yeah and it lowered his trade value.


TT was a significant person in the Pack personnel office during the acquisition of Brunell, Hasselback, Brooks, Pederson, and had GM responsibility for Flynn. All of these were cheap, and outperformed Hundley, some with less training than Hundley. Plus TT traded up a bit to get him. Big bust.


A 5th round pick is a big bust? I don’t see it, but I guess we’ll just agree to disagree.


They could have got a higher pick for him last year. But TT let Hill go instead…


The bust was trwofold. He took up space that might have been better used for a developmental QB, and his poor performance put the Pack out of the playoffs.


Brucest. You make like every pick MUST succeed, when the reality is that many fail…and that applies to every NFL team.


In addition to the moderate to substantial successes reported above, the Pack had several QBs wherein they cut their losses quickly and moved on. I’m not comparing the Hundley situation to draftees in general but rather to the Pack’s outstanding success with low draft QBs in the past. Clearly the Pack did not match their previous efforts either in terms of developing Hundley or moving on when they had opportunities. I think it’s reasonable to wonder whether this failure to match past performance signals a decline at the top.


As you yourself pointed out the Packers have blown it before on QBs, and in a much bigger way than with a 5th. Brian Brohm (2nd round pick in 2008) springs to mind, so why does the Hundley pick speak of demise, when the Brohm pick doesn’t ?

You are starting with an opinion (Ted’s decline), and then trying to shoehorn things in to justify it, even when they don’t make sense. There ARE things that have shown a decline in Packers drafting, in recent years, I just don’t think you chose a good example.


Broihm was cut quickly and didn’t use up development time that could have been spent on a better prospect. Hundley stands out because of the time spent on him with he being sorely lacking. If he had been cut after his first or second training camp, the situation would be less consequential.


Hundley never passed the eye test. While the others showed flashes, he was kept because he was smart. The fact is that he was lacking the NFL talent. He was as smart as an NFL coach, but couldn’t play or handle when it was live.