History is on Packers' side picking at No. 14



With history of the 14th pick, I would say the odds are in the Packers favor if they stay.


Other All-Pro players who were selected at No. 14 include Seattle safety Earl Thomas, Carolina linebacker Thomas Davis and seven-time Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis, who shined with the New York Jets under current Packers’ defensive coordinator Mike Pettine from 2009-12.

Another 14th-overall selection, cornerback Kyle Fuller, signed an offer sheet with the Packers as a restricted free agent this offseason before the Chicago Bears decided to match.

That is a pretty encouraging list. I would certainly take any of those guys.


Yes, players in the top 10 ten to get over hyped. Rational decisions are more likely at 14. That is why I would stay.


Yeah, I just listened to Tom S podcast, he wants them to trade down. He is good on philosophy, not so good on drafts. He doesn’t like Landry think he is likely to bust, while he likes Hughes wants him lower, and he thinks Davenport is too much of a boom bust. I am starting to think more and more they stay at 14 or go up. If they stay think Davenport increasing is a possibility. Interesting podcast. He did slip up at one point and admit he was talking to agents. Agents are a horrible draft source. The exception is one who says one of their top guys flew to the school to work their client out. McGinn had some of the last minute fan outs I used to get. I know fans like to hate him, but I know he had good sources and is very good reporter. It will be fascinating to see what he and Pete write late tonight…


I will say it until I’m blue. We don’t need all star corners if you can pressure the QB. You just need average Corners that can hold up for 3 seconds.


I strongly agree with above post.


I like Davenport. He’s a bit raw, but this year he’d just be a situational pass rusher, give him a year to become a more regular player. I think he has the athleticism and talent to be a great OLB, and I think we’re the type of team that can afford to take him, as we don’t need him to start as a rookie.

I also like a bunch of the DBs here, but I really don’t have a read on who we like out of the DBs or how they might fit in now with Pettine on-board.


Yep, if Davenport is there he’s a good pick. First 6 or 7 games you give him 15-20 snaps and maybe by the end of year he starts to click. Year 2 I think if not sooner he is a monster. I think it could even click earlier. GB would be a good place for him.

The 3 DBs would be fine, not hot on either Hughes or Alexander. Height on the smaller corners really worries me. Of the two, I think Alexander gives you a little more flexiblility.