HaHa Clinton-Dix Traded to Redskins


With the rumors heating out up about Haha getting traded in the next 24, There should be a thread.


Looks like Clinton-Dix may have been given a heads up by the way he responded.


Ha Ha Clinton-Dix on possibly being traded before tomorrow’s deadline: “I’ve got about 24 hours and then we can talk.” When asked if he’ll be talking here or somewhere else, he said: “I don’t know, you guys might be surprised.”


I really think with Ha Ha and Montgomery there are bigger issues here. Montgomery needs to go too given what many are saying occurred yesterday. Insubordination is serious, but sure seems like there is more to this. I think MM needs to go, but still question if he isn’t really higher in the pecking order than Gute. And for the record as long as Murphy is there my view remains MM is safe, even if they only win 5 or 6 games.

But make no mistake, there is a funky vibe and some sort of locker room issue with the team right now…


Ha ha has always had people in that locker room who aren’t fond of him, but this Montgomery thing is a hole another issue. Sugar tit MM can say what he wants, but it is clear on 3 accounts. Montgomery had a hissy fit when they pulled him previously when he missed a block, he admits to that. Montgomery has admitted coaches told him prior to the return on the sideline don’t run a kick in the endzone out and did exactly what he was told not to. And finally some are carrying on over his comment no one told him. That has nothing to do with the endzone. It refers to reports in the national media some of his team mates have said Montgomery is a issue and are pissed off, but no one had come to him and that bothers him.

Finally MM can sugar tit this and say what he pleases, but their sources on a Rogers here are right. He throws the towel and anyone who can read lips could see the expletive. And who can blame him. He is playing with a bum knee and a defiant Montgomery puts himself above the team.


The whole Haha issue is that it is weird, he seems to really love the fans and his team mates. I think that there might be a rift between him and management.


The clock is ticking, we should find out soon if he’s traded.



And the other shoe drops! Any word on compensation? I would hope for a high mid-rounder.


I just saw that, very positive development for the long run, not necessarily for MM…


If the idea hasn’t been circulated yet, perhaps now is the time to try Tramon out at FS. Perhaps that extends his career because he’s been struggling on the outside so far.


To Montgomery & Dix I say "Hail, and good riddance!! Two underachievers for YEARS!!!


Early reports are that it is a 4th rounder for Clinton-Dix and a 7th in 2020 for Montgomery. But officially it is not disclosed, so who knows the details…


Yup. That’s what the TV says too.

I like both trades value wise but, MM is still on the hot seat.
I hope he is out at season’s end.


I think that Haha’s contract is what lowered his price to a 4th rounder… When it should have been a 3rd.


I question he is going to get the huge contract front loaded he wants. Hyde could return punts, excellent st player, could play either safety spot and some slot corner. To top it off, they say, he was a good team mate and quiet leader.

Hyde was more physical, took better angles and made up for a lack of speed with effort. Dix had similar speed issues, wasn’t physical, made plenty of mistakes just isn’t special. To top it off he wasn’t going to resign and the fo didn’t want him back. I think he might get less than people think. They got a 4 in 2019 instead of a comp pick that easily could be a 4 or 5 , in 2020. The good news is the FO like Cleveland FO must like this draft. The only downside, if Jones doesn’t step in, is that position with Brice and Whitehead is a weakness. We’ll know right away, I am certain BB and Brady will go after them and test this out.


Moving Tramon to Safety has been talked about on here. Personally I didn’t think it would happen because that position and the responsibilities that go with it aren’t really “plug and play” if you will. Also, the trust and communication that goes on between the Safeties and Cornerbacks takes time to develop. That said, the team used Tramon in a kind of hybrid role against the Rams and it’s possible they have been planning for this possibility for a while (at least during the bye, if not before). So i’m starting to think they may actually go through with it, but with a caveat. I don’t think he will be a true Free or Strong Safety. My guess is he’ll be a Cornerback who plays Man or Zone from the deep Safety position. That would leave Jones and Brice to play in the Box.

Of course this all just speculation on my part. I know less than nothing.


[quote=“sarahfar, post:16, topic:28081”]
They got a 4 in 2019 instead of a comp pick that easily could be a 4 or 5 , in 2020. The good news is the FO like Cleveland FO must like this draft. The only downside, if Jones doesn’t step in, is that position with Brice and Whitehead is a weakness. We’ll know right away, I am certain BB and Brady will go after them and test this out.[/quote]

If Gute is more proactive in acquiring veteran FAs than Ted was, as seems likely, then the Packers could have lost any comp pick for HHCD, due to having acquired an equal value FA that offset HHCD.

Doing it this way gets a 4th anyway, and a year earlier (2019 not 2020), and it will be a higher pick than the comp (since the comps always come at the end of a round), while freeing up the option for Gute to collect a good FA in 2019, if he wishes. Good business all round, though it does leave another hole to fill, which to be fair, would also be the case if HHCD ended his contract with GB, then departed.

Montgomery’s pick absolutely looked like a “dump this player for anything you can get, no matter how small”. The only thing lower than a 2020 7th round compensation, is a conditional 7th.

I’m hoping that going forward the Packers rotate T.Williams and Josh Jones (who played good ST against the Rams). How much play time JJ gets is related to how well he plays safety when he is in - the better he plays the more snaps he gets. I’d also cross-train J.Jackson at Safety (next year if he can handle the load, if not then 2020) to give another alternative on the roster.

@Jeff. My faulty memory says T.Will has played safety for Pettine before. Can anyone confirm that ?


I think he did as Pettine cross trained all his DBs to play all positions if needed.


Odds are that Josh Jones will be getting his trial by fire asap. It was reported that Jones was not happy about not getting his chance. Would this be a case of seeing if he is as good as thought and allowing Clinton-Dix go as he was leaving anyways.