Green Bay Packers: Reasonable Case Against Mack

  1. We just paid Rodgers.
  2. We need to sign other’s to extensions.
  3. Giving up two first round picks hurts the Packers long term and limits filling the gap that is needed in other positions.

Lets face it, the Packers really don’t need Mack, they need to fill in the gaps and gain more talent at OL, Depth at OLB ILB.

What if a major player that drops to one of those picks. What if one of those picks is #1 overall or top 10? The price would be two high.

What you seen in the past is not exactly what you get either… Packers have been majorly burnt by this and only hit big time on White and Woodson (BTW he was considered washed up). I would say the risk is not worth the reward.


There is a lot of focus on his talent, but not much on Oakland front office. This isn’t just a money issue. Reggie is a hell of a talent evaluator and a guy who like Wolf loves great players. Be very wary of Oakland being willing to move this player. I don’t think if this was a Charles Woodson talent for example they would even consider it. They know this player best, so if they are willing to move him, I would be exceptionally wary. I personally would not pay this guy 20 m a year for 6 years and give up even a 1 and 4 even if they took Matthews last year let alone 2 1s…


This cat and Von Miller are 1-2 as the best outside pass rushers in the NFL. The D is still in serious need of a playmaker so I would be ok with a play for Mack.

Granted we are entering a new era, but the Packers whiff on better than 50% of their first round picks. I’d give up a first and more in a heartbeat for what is as close to a sure thing as you are going to find.

I’m not saying he is going to be Reggie White, but our pass D has stunk the last couple of years.


Selling the farm for a player that isn’t exactly as advertised…


They want two ones or more. My point is you are making my point. We are to an extent blinded by a need for home run talent. Oskland has that same need. Point being if they trade him and are refusing to pay him we have to come to grips that they are stupid and there is a reason. It is talent, value, or behavior…maybe some of all of the above. Reggie and Gruden are very bright.


Meant they are not stupid. And every team in football looks for pass rushers. I don’t put much stock in the argument they have switched to the 4-3 either. I don’t know what it is, but they clearly have qualms about paying him, based on him…


I don’t think it is that straightforward. I don’t dispute that Reggie and Gruden are sharp guys, but that doesn’t mean they are always 100% rational. There are a bunch of big egos involved. It is entirely possible that this is just a pissing match that got out of hand.

And I guarantee they’d pay him Von Miller’s deal right now. If you’d pay him Von money then you think he is the best pass rusher in the league. If they didn’t they would have dealt him months ago.


All that said I don’t think he is ending up in Green Bay. My guess is he gets his money in Oakland.

I’d sure like him though. We haven’t had an all pro on D in almost a decade.


Odds are that he will get his money and get hurt, and never live up to that contract.


Other reasons…

He will carry a 20 million dollar a year price tag
He is 27 years old
He may be a “head case” or bad locker room guy
We may have seen the best of him already


Totally agree with that.


I am really just playing devil’s advocate, but being 27 just isn’t that big of a deal to me for a transcendent edge rusher. Von Miller is a couple years older and he is doing just fine. DeMarcus Ware was a stud well into his 30s. Terrell Suggs dominated after 27. Julius Peppers was a different player, but he was great after 27 as well. Tons of examples out there.

I just really enjoyed those couple of years where Matthews was dominant on the edge. I’d love to see some more of that. It isn’t going to happen, but I think whoever ends up with Mack will be fine with their investment. I think he is more a DeMarcus Ware than an Albert Haynesworth.


As of late tonight it looks like Mack will be traded. I have a good sense of this player, but again think he is being oversold. I get the talent, what so many seem to ignore is he has a contract. As it would appear that he well be traded people seem willing to overlook he has a contract and what that says about him. This is not Aaron Rodgers.

And he will not only be getting Aaron Donald money, he will command back the truck up trade value. The Packers got lucky missing on Fuller, I hope they miss on Mack. I am impulsive and not seen too many risks I don’t like, but this is one. I think Packer fans will dismiss this, but I have strong fears for a variety of reasons tonight, they may be willing to bet the ranch on this guy and get into a bidding war with Cleveland for him. I for one am very concerned about this…


I read somewhere that only GB has 2x1st round picks in 2019, at this time. That means that any other team would have to stagger 2x1st round picks across two years.

Since a first round pick in a future year (2020) is worth about the same as a second the previous year (2019), then a First and second (in 2019) offered by the Packers, is worth the same as 2x1st rounders that any other team offers. Of course that too is variable, as the value of a future pick depends on how a team does the previous year (which is why Packer fans hope New Orleans does very badly in 2018) and the Packers usually do well.

It’s an interesting problem. The Packers could certainly afford Mack if they wanted him badly enough, even to the point of a $20m pa contract, but that would mean losing some big current and future contracts. A deal is tempting, but I’m leaning towards NOT doing a deal.


Looks like he is going to end up in Chicago.

This will be fun to talk about for the next 3-5 years. If he flames out he sets one of our biggest rivals back a few years. If he hits he’ll be abusing our brittle tackles for years to come and might send Rodgers to an early retirement.


It will be interesting to see how insane the Bears were with what they paid…


The Bears gave up first-round picks in 2019 and 2020, a third-round pick in 2020 and a sixth-round pick in 2019, the source said. In addition to Mack, Chicago also gets a second-round pick in 2020 and a conditional fifth-round pick in 2020.

That is actually a little less than I expected. The two ones is a big deal, but they end up with two twos in 2020.

Must mean Green Bay never offered their two 1s next year. That would have been a better offer.


Could be, but also could be Oakland viewed the Bears talent as really bad and a likely top 15 pick. Would be hard to argue on paper, Bears 2 1’s aren’t more probable to be high picks than Packers and NOLA pick.

This is a insane move by the Bears. If they don’t win and beat the Packers twice, Pace can kiss his ass goodbye. This is a desperation move to by Pace 6 years 90 guaranteed, 145 total and they give up two 1’s. The Bears have gambled recklessly here. They always have GB on the brain. Oakland knew exactly what they were doing. The dumbass Bears should be asking what do the Raiders know that we don’t. There is a reason the Bears continually lose…


The Bears may have made a huge mistake. They gave up two first round picks for a guy that may never live up to the hype. Mack has had no practice and no practice with pads on. Could be a precursor to a season ending injury or an injury plagued season. He doesn’t know the defensive playbook. It would be different if they got him 2 to 3 weeks ago.


Just read the piece from Pete D. Exactly what I speculated, he says the Packers offered their 2 1’s … obviously Oakland thinks the Bears picks will be higher. Pete wanted them to give the 2 1s and 2020 2. He flipped his gourd here in pursuit of what he thought would make the Packers SB favorites, not only is the compensation crippling, you would have to pay him that very risky contract. Sometimes the best deal is the one you walk away from…