Great Trades For the Pack


Net net, for moving down 4 spots in the first round, the Packers end up with the same number of picks this year and an extra first next year. A first for virtually nothing.


The problem is losing the 3rd this year.


Fingers crossed that the Saints fall off the earth and we get a top 5 pick from them.


Yeah I agree with both of you, if Alexander pans out. I knew there were teams looking at him in mid 1, but he is short, falls out of Wolf thresholds. While he can play all coverages, he is not really going to hit people and shys away from contact in run support. They had some chances at 14. In the end they moved back to 28 and picked picked up a 1st a year from now for a 3rd they clearly are desperate for a corner. No other way to read this move.

Gets an interesting for creativity. Slows us all down on instant reaction, but really a lot will depend how the guys 14-17 do and what Alexander does. Goes to show just how insane not even offering Hayward a contract was…o

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Having two first round picks gives you ammo to either trade up or use one to trade down with a team that wants back in, which many times can be a bad team. If you can keep deal a pick for a future #1 you may get the right timing one day. Or your golden for a deep draft.


Here is another way to look at it. If the Packers felt the same about the players drafter at 14 to 18. Then this trade was a no brainer. Most people are not surprised that Seattle traded back. They wanted more picks as they had no second or third rounder entering the draft. With this is mind the trade looks great. To give up a 3rd when you had two and a 7th to get a 1st round pick and still get a player you had graded the same as the other picked in between is a great move.


They have two picks in the 4th round, including the top pick of the 4th round. Could easily trade back up into the 3rd if there’s someone they like.


“In the eye of the beholder” On paper the trade looks great, move down 4 spots, pick up a 5th, trade back a 3rd and get a future 1st rounder back. What’s not to like?

The problem for me is we were sitting at 14 and IMO passed on 3 future Pro Bowl caliber players. Other than Chubb, IMO Edmunds was the best Defensive player in this draft. Derwin James runs in the 4.4s. He’s not stuck to just being a Safety. You get a huge, athletic, “Fast” DB that you can do all kinds of things with. And, then there’s Davenport. Had better measurables than Chubb in the Combine.

I think all of them will be Stars and none of them will do so for the Packers. If that view proves to be true and Alexander turns into something less, then what did we gain? Yes with 2 #1s you can move up in the Draft if both picks are low. Possibly all the way to #14. Oh yea. I forgot. We were sitting at 14 this year and because of the 4 QBs we could have chosen what would normally have been a Top 10 caliber pick.

Now we have to wait a year to potentially get a top 10 caliber pick that IMO we could have chosen a few hours ago.

Don’t want Brees to get hurt, but IMO somehow the Saints have to tank for this to work out any better than if we had just made the pick at 14.


Yeah, I pretty much agree. I kept hearing Wolf was a Thompson protege, looks like Cleveland begaved like Ron and we Could feel a lot of Thompson. While they preached value, there were some subtle differences. I think it is safe to say they were bringing people in to eliminate them. I am with you on Edmunds and Davenport, but can’t quibble on James, they had spent a lot of time on him, so we know they just liked Alexander more, I really think they are desperate at corner. Think will take 2 more at least before end of day 3.

I think could even take one tomorrow. Sounds like they may try to get another pick. I would think they are looking hard at OL and receiver. Then again Hernandez is there. He is very strong and very powerful hands. His technique is bad and he strong but squat. He represents a value now. Williams I like a lot and there are 5 or more Ol guys that will come off now that can play. There are a grouping of receivers and tes too.

Then if they want to get up higher fan favorite Landry is there. I saw him all along as a high day two.

But sure seems small of this has a future of the Packers theme, not the here and now. Hard to get beyond the size thing on Alexander…


Alexander is a 4.38??? Not ast good as a 4.4?

Also you’re implicitly the Packers would get all of these. In fact they could only take one.


I don’t know that it matters how well those other guys perform to evaluate the trade, if we wanted to pick any of them, we would have done that at 14. I would not be surprised if Alexander is who we would have picked anyway, even at 14.

And then shying away from tackles? I had heard the opposite, that he plays much bigger than his size and isn’t afraid to hit, though that with the injuries this last year he may have been a bit more timid. Watch him in 2016, had he played like that in 2017 without the injuries. I think he was clearly the #2 CB in the draft.

I would not be surprised if trade back into the 3rd, assuming there is someone we like there.


I was utterly shocked when they traded down from #14 with James and Edmunds still on the board. However, when I see they netted a 2019 first rounder I was equally surprised. Sure I would have loved them taking one of these two guys at #14, but fast forward a year from now - we sure are glad to have 2 first rounders. Even though NO pick projects late first round, there are no guarantees that will happen. Moving on to Alexander, the guy clearly has abilities, speed, and cover skills. The only knocks are that he is short and injury prone. I think they want to use him in the slot and on punt returns. I can’t complain when all is said and done; always helps to add speed to your defense.


Green Bay obviously felt that Alexander was the same caliber of player. Gute has to trust his own board.


Look at how athletic Alexander is, you’re not going to get that quickness from a big CB. You get one or the other.

Yes, Alexander is short, but we already have a big CB in King. If all your CBs are big, how do you compete against the quicker receivers? Now, we have an amazingly athletic CB in Alexander, and a big CB in King. We have options now in our matchups.


I noticed Mayock had Alexander as the #1 corner in the draft. We’ll see who’s right.


The Saints are a very inconsistent team. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go 7-9 next year and we get a mid round pick.


Read at ProFootballFocus, for what its worth, that they ranked the PACKERS pick 1 of the best pick on day 1.