Graham will be back


I think they are right bringing Graham back, there is still something there. I would leave Bulaga as a medical decision, if the Doctors say he is a good bet to play 70% of the season definitely keep him. If they say he can be a healthy back up keep, if not move on. I would lean to letting him play out this final year, guessing though, they move on.

No way there is anything to the Bell hype, but I think they will surprise people and take a RB earlier than people think. Don’t see Barr getting anywhere near what he thinks he is worth. I do see them chasing a S in FA…,


I think Bulaga has to stay. I realize he’s getting older and his body is breaking down, but we are a better team when he plays and we have noone else that is a suitable replacement. So that leaves the draft and FA. I’m sure we’ll venture into both areas, but there are no guarantees we’ll hit on somebody and we still need quality depth behind whoever starts. I know Bulaga isn’t cheap, but I don’t see a better option than letting him play out his contract. Besides he’ll be another year removed from his knee surgery so he might be better off this year compared to last.

Late addition:
As for Graham, I don’t like how much money he’s counting against our cap this year but I think it makes sense for him to stay. I do hope we draft a good TE this year, but Graham was a our #2 receiver in terms of catches this year and we’d have a ton of dead money if we cut him.


Me personally, that is exactly how I see it. Even with him, they need to add Gs and OT’s and if they moved on they would just have to add more. To me, it would removing or absent knowing his medical records make sense to just let him play out his contract.

The GB press though seems to think he has serious issues with his back to go go with all the knee and hip problems. But yeah absent knowing what the medical people think, even believing they will draft offensive lineman I would let him play out his last year. Just a feeling, if they don’t get some concension on his price they may move on.