Good Luck Mike Daniels


Just saw this on ESPN: Mike Daniels being released.


He was the strongest we had for several seasons but couldn’t stay healthy for the last two.


Interesting timing. I figured he’d stick around since they hung onto him this long. Wonder if he came in still injured.

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I thinking he peaked before he signed the current deal and is on the downside. The others may have tested better and he was going to be cut. They cut him so that he could get on another team early.


I was a little surprised by the timing as well. I really think this was nothing more than a salary cap move. They tried to trade him but didn’t get any bites, so it seems they have been mulling this decision for a while now. When healthy he is a good player. I expect him to sign with Seattle (if he passes a physical) even though Cleveland is currently the popular guess floating around the internet.


he has a lot left in him including experience, I think they were wrong on this decision. It is all about the money and where to save to pay others huge amounts.