Geronimo Allison on the injury list


Apparently he sustained a groin injury in practice yesterday.


Mmmm, I like him from his Illinois days but you have to be available…, he needs to get his ass to on the field and stat there. Too many hungry mouths behind him. Think Gute has done a great job with big we.


St.Brown has the same skill set at a rookie and has size, catch radius, availability, a bigger upside. Allison has to get out there or he will end up on the sidelines until he is cut.


I argued (before this season) over various forums, that there was no way Allison wasn’t going to be on the roster, due both to his play and his experience, relative to the rookies. I argued (at the time) that Davis was more at risk than Allison.

I also suggested that Allison might have difficulty keeping his spot in 2019 if the rookies looked good (and they have). The rooks have been getting more snaps than I anticipated, but that is down to MVS and ESB playing well. Allison isn’t ‘as good as gone’ next year, but his position is much more precarious than this year.

He is a 6’3" guy, but has mid 4.6 speed, and that cannot compare to the raw stats of ESB (6’4.75", 4.48 40) or MVS (6’4", 4.37 40). I still think he has value going forward, especially if Cobb is NOT retained, which is very possible since Cobb hasn’t been offered a new contract and his current one runs out at the end of this year.

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