Forum move complete: Monday, April 23rd


Heads up that anything posted today may be lost as the import process has been taking several hours in my tests.

A few known issues:

  • Attachments will not transfer
  • Avatars will not transfer
  • Some of the bbcode (quotes especially) are not translating well
  • Passwords will need to be reset

I hope to generate a password reset email for everyone automatically so hopefully that is a non-issue.

I also hope to at least capture the attachments and avatars and keep them in a bucket if anyone wants to go and retrieve an old one and load it back into the new board.

It will probably be a bit rocky at first, it is a big shift. But I am hoping this will be the momentum we need heading into the draft and 2018/2019 season.



Took longer than I an anticipated.My apologies all.

Strap in. I know it is going to be a little bumpy. I still have a lot to learn about this software. But I’ll keep studying it.

Check out this Password Reset Required for help resetting your password.


I was somewhat hesitant about the change, but I like it!


Looking good. Going to take a few days to adjust to the new software and options.


Glad to heard it! I think I have figured out how to trigger a mass “set password” email. I appreciate you all going through the hard way. Hopefully I can make it easier going forward.


It has been a long time since we moved to different software. But we have done it before each time has been a new experience. This time we are back to the cutting edge software. Thank you trickyd for keeping this place alive. Ray for carrying the weight of this place post Sneaks. We have never given up. Supporting our team the Packers is what we do.

Some may remember the big move of 2003. This is even bigger.


Thanks for letting me be a part of it. And thanks for sharing that message. Awesome to think of how long some of these connections have lasted.


Sorry I delete the Sneakers post quote because it may have caused confusion within this topic.


Thank you for all your work in getting this done and keeping the board alive from the admin side of things.


Used the group email to reset my password. Worked like a charm. Thanks for getting it set up.