Fackrell is starting to put up Pro Bowl sack numbers


This early in the season and he has 6. If he even doubles it, he might second string all pro.


Well, he is off to a good start and hopefully he keeps working hard and progressing.


Was not aware of that. Glad to hear it. Another one of those great TT picks. :slight_smile:


Maybe Pettine knows how to use him correctly?


I think you may have been looking at the wrong stat line. His 3 last week is his only 3 I believe. Heck of a game though.

You got me to look though. I was like “no way he has more sacks than Mack” haha

Mack’s stat line makes me sick.

5 sacks, 3 passes defended, 1 int, 1 TD, 4 forced fumbles. :nauseated_face:

I would have given the Raiders a first round pick just to not send him to the Bears.


Mack looks good right now, no argument there…but the benefits of keeping those two picks are only seen in the future.

Two talented (first round) edge rushers (in 2019), or one edge and a top OT, or one edge and a great safety. Additionally, both these guys are to be had on the cheap, due to the slotted salary system. :partly_sunny:

One downside to the Bears getting Mack, is that his annual salary is $23.5m. That is the combined salary of Mike Daniels AND Davante Adams (well, theirs is actually about $1m more).


Yeah I definitely acknowledge that the price was too high for the Packers.

When you are paying a franchise quarterback, especially the highest paid qb in the league, you have to stockpile draft picks and have to hit on those draft picks. There just isn’t enough cap dollars left to not have a ton of guys on rookie deals.

The Bears, on the other hand, are in a perfect position to get Mack. They can make this deal because their qb is still on a rookie deal. It is the same reason the Rams are able to absolutely load up right now while Goff is on his rookie deal. We saw the same thing in Seattle before Wilson got paid.

I think Mack was absolutely worth 2 ones. You are almost guaranteed that the Raiders will miss on one of those two picks and the other definitely won’t be Mack. He is a generational player.

But the Pack couldn’t afford him.


They thing is people are stuck on just one player as a silver bullet. The truth is that multiple good players are needed. You could have one world beater who loses to a team of really good players all the time.