ESPN | Trade talk: Packers might move up for a top-three defensive back


Rob Demovsky

“If you want to go up and get Fitzpatrick and you feel he’s a cornerback, not a safety, you probably have to get to nine or 10,” Kiper said. “If you talk about James, everybody seems to think he’ll go 7 to Tampa Bay. Denzel Ward, probably up to that 6-7 range because he’s the best corner in the draft.”

To move up four spots, Gutekunst would have to give up his third-round pick – No. 76 overall – according to most draft trade-value charts. The Raiders currently own the 10th overall pick. If Gutekunst wanted try to get up to No. 6, where the Colts currently stand, it would take at least his second-round pick – No. 45 overall. The Broncos hold the fifth pick, a selection that GM John Elway said is available at the right price. That price could be the Packers’ second- and third-round picks, according to the trade chart.

I would be happy to part with the third rounder to get one of the top DBs in the draft. Not sure about giving up a 2 and a 3 to get in the top 6 though.


Should be interesting. Not sure if they will have to trade up.
Four QB’s could be off the board by #14.

I would like to see Josh Jackson CB Iowa taken.


I just don’t see a big move up. Remember that most successful GMs draft pass rushers first on defense and DBs second.


In addition I really think that ESPN is playing off the unknown that is Gutekunst. With Thompson stories of trading up never really took hold. I think this is more of an attention click bait type of thing. Realistically the Packers are in a soft reboot mode. Giving up valuable picks for slightly higher rated players doesn’t fit what is happening. Moving up in the draft is more likely for a team that is one player away from being a Super Bowl Contender or Pushing them over the top.

The Packers are sitting in at 14 in a position where great to good players get drafted without the hype. Usually top 10 guys are over hyped and bust. Giving up quality picks for a guy that has a higher potential to be a bust is not what the Packers need. CB depth and Quality is pretty deep.

I would say that the Packers would stay at 14. If anything They might trade back into the end of the first round after they pick at 14 if another high quality player falls. Similar to when they draft Raji and Matthews.