Early HC Candidates for 2019


I have been thinking this way also. I stated so in a different thread, but my thoughts are --this is the best way to get the “change” everyone seemed to covet by firing McCarthy while still maintaining a semblance of stability. The likelihood of keeping Pettine is greater, Philbin is familiar with Rodgers and the rest of our roster, and the biggest changes would involve the offense which we all agree needs worked over anyhow. I also think a new OC is essential, and i’m going to add replacing Ron Zook to that list as well.

Edit… I guess it was this thread I made those comments in. I didn’t realize that earlier this morning. :wink:


Sounds like Philbin doesn’t want to be head coach and prefers to be a coordinator and the same with Pettine.


I’ve warmed up to this line of thinking too. And yes, it is entirely dependent on being able to bring in a good, new OC who can call the plays.


I like Philbin but I don’t want him as HC. I don’t think that he has the personality to stand up to Aaron if needed. My impression is that basically Aaron would be running the show.

He would have to get a really good OC and give him full reign over the offense. He should also be someone Aaron can respect.


We can cross Riley off the list as he stated he is not interested,