Early HC Candidates for 2019

  1. a. John DeFilippo b. Josh McDaniels
  2. a. Joe Philbin b. Mike Pettine
  3. a. Eric Bieniemy b. ZacTaylor


Mike Holmgren
Andy Reid
Sean Payton

Bizarre-o-World Candidates

Mike Shanahan
Mike Sherman
Matt Flynn
Mr. T
Big Foot
Loch Ness Monster
Jesus Christ
WInston Moss


I know you and I see things differently more often than not, so I hope you don’t feel like i’m picking on you, but OMG you made me laugh with this one! :wink:

First I don’t think Philbin or Pettine are anywhere near #2 a - b. Philbin would have to turn this current team into a juggernaut for the final 4 games and even that might not get him in the discussion. If the insanely possible chance that we made the playoffs (let’s be real) happened and he got us to compete for a Superbowl then I think he’d have a real chance. Pettine came to us having said he has no interest in being a HC. He was so wore out after Cleveland that he took a year off and spent another year working as a consultant only.

Then of your Fantasy group i’d only consider Reid or Payton, both of whom will not be leaving their current jobs. Favre and Holmgren? We are about to close the books on 2018… you might want to catch up! haha I guess your Bizaare-o-World list started a couple names too late.


Glad you caught the humor in this post lol.

Yes by the end of the season we will have to knock down Philbin and Pettine to at least 2 d and e as there really is no names yet and they are second tier candidate to most of us. People in the media have mentioned trading draft picks for Reid or Payton, so I put them under fantasy as that it is only a fantasy.


Impossible to know who candidates are as we still really don’t know who would make the decision. The media pushed Murphy pretty hard, I paid far more attention to the answers of Gute.

I find certain names seem to be real for various reasons. Taylor for example, while checking of experience with new era offense is 35 and ties back to Sherman. Fitzgerald is a horrible candidate, unimaginative offenses, nerve fraying rah rah, 4-3 defense when the Packers don’t have 4 defensive lineman, Campbell 35 no pro experience and on and on. I would not be shocked with the Hughes connection, though to see Harbaugh leave Michigan ending up in either GB or Cleveland.

It all comes down to Murphy getting out of his own way. He is getting a lot of criticism from all quarters right now, this could blow up in a big way on him. I am no MM fanboy, but the way Murphy has handled this makes me even question given Sunday’s debacle was bad even, why he couldn’t wait a couple of weeks? Maybe we will get a quick answer…


I feel pretty good about Gute here, even though to be frank I am not hot on any one candidate known. If Murphy takes this on himself, I will be pretty concerned…


I think that Gute was truly behind the firing. Murphy keeps his veto just to prevent knee jerk reactions until Gute proves himself. Like it or not, Murphy is running the Packers as a corporation not a community center


Not as sure. Keeping TT past expiration date and allowing this thing to get to this point shares a lot in common with a community center. But I tend to agree with your broader point Gute may be getting more power. Just not that Murphy is so swift.



Philbin is a 2. a. candidate now that he has a win under his belt. The offense didn’t look like it was in pieces like it did when McCarthy was calling the plays. Maybe McCarthy would still be head coach if he turned over some of the play calls to Philbin. Joe did go really conservative and allowed the Falcons back into the game.