Davante Adams and the 5 toughest Corners


This is a very interesting read, especially the opening, before he gets to his list.


Interesting to get his perspective on the CB’s. I was impressed to see how detailed he was in his explanations.

Great read.


That was a good read and shows Adams to be a talented, thoughtful player.

Reading the details on the toughest corners he faced, makes me hope Kevin King (6’3", and about 180lb) can put some weight on him, to improve his physicality.


Ok. So now Adams is one of my favorite Packers. He is obviously a Film rat and it’s no surprise he is now thought of as one of the premier route runner in the League. His explanation and differentiation between Rhodes/Sherman and the Eagles guy was very enlightening. Rhodes had the punch and then on the first step was still running stride for stride. Helps you to appreciate some of the reasons why certain guys are elite at their positions.

You are right on with the hope for King to be stronger and more physical. He had 11 Bench reps at the Combine in 2017. Jackson(18) and Alexander(14) both had more than him.


I really don’t think that they will depend too much on the rookies with Williams back there. King is very solid and will grow but This group is far from elite. Adams could pick a part this group pretty easily with Williams being the current one that would give him troubles.