Competition Committee Upset With Roughing Calls and Will Meet to Discuss Changes



As happens so often, the competition committee gets the initial attempt at tweaking wrong, when it directs the refs how much to emphasise ‘rushing the passer’ penalties.

The rules probably don’t need rewriting, but roughing the passer calls need to be de-emphasised by the committee, back from it’s current absurd level, to somewhere closer to what it used to be. Once refs have been reoriented on this by the committee, they can go back to making more logical calls.


I just don’t buy it. The committee is a joke as is the video they put out. The first two calls against Matthews were on him , but the last call was flat out ignorant. I have repeated said he had run out of gas but flagging someone for a text book clean tackle is moronic and related to making QBs untouchable. They are doing it because of the investment.

And just to add injury to insult the model play for this is a ridiculous late by two step hit on Rodgers that the f…tard didn’t throw a flag on and took screws to repair. Welcome to the new dark ages 2018. Rodger the dodger is in the process of destroying football…


That committee needs more input from a broader base. Ex refs, players, owners. The more variety the better, as multiple slightly different agendas act as a counterweight to help keep the committee from going too far down a foolish path. It might also improve their accountability. When things are done visibly and openly, it is much harder to sweep uncomfortable truths under the carpet.

That committee needs to admit it when it makes a mistake (it used to do that). Now it just buries it’s head in the sand, endorsing stupid decisions in an “all old boys together” way that gives a terrible impression and shows a lack of credibility.