Coaching carousel


Bears losing Fangio to Broncos, Browns hiring Kitchins.

I imagine that means McCarthy will end up in New York. I actually wanted him to go to the Browns for his own sake. New York is tough on coaches and the Jets are not the most patient or stable organization. I think the Browns are starting to get there and imagine Mike would have a better chance at long term success there.


That should be interesting if the Jets hire him and that’s a big if. Whitt would probably be his DC and I am sure he would take some of his offense guys like Campen. Not sure though he will get the Jets job.


yeah, Jets went with Gase and McCarthy said he was sitting this year out.


I assumed the Jets were pretty close to signing McCarthy (solely based on the media which means diddly squat). Perhaps Gase blew them away and changed their minds. Or, maybe McCarthy decided making 8 million dollars while taking a year off would the best thing for him and his family. I look forward to seeing how he does with his next opportunity.