Carolina Game


Is being repllayed on NFL Network today. I’m recording it.
If you’ll recall, it was Rodgers comeback game and we still had a playoff chance. Aaron wasn’t as sharp as normal, but still near the end ot the game he was driving the team deep into Car territory for the win. Ellison(?) after a catch inside the 10 was stripped and Car recovered, end of game.

As things turned out, had GB won the next game they would have made the playoff.


I really think Aaron was playing still injured. After the loss, he was hurt even worse. So they were forced to bench him.


The loss put them out of the playoff picture. There was no point in risking him regardless of his state of recovery.

One worry is that his throws were off that game. Hope it’s not permanent.


They were 100% more accurate then Hundley’s. Hopefully he has been accurate behind the scenes.