Calculating the Packers needs in 2019


What will the Packers needs be in 2019, and how do they fill them ? There is guesswork here because no-one knows exactly how the roster ends up, but my ranking includes several scenarios.

I gave every position my mark from 1 (superb at this position, both the starters and the depth), to a 9 (as bad as it can be).

  • = needs more than one guy at this position. (The scoring is Fanspeak style).

QB 2 (not 1 due to lack of proven backup)

LT 2 (not 1 due to lack of good backup)

LG 3

OC 3

RG 6 (doesn’t necessitate an early pick, like starter-quality OT or OLB do).

RT 6 (due to injury frequency. Of course, if you want a good chance at a starting level OT, better get him in the first two rounds)

RB 3

WR 3 (Cobb is retained), 5 (Cobb gone)

TE 4 (Lewis and Kendricks retained), 5 (one of the two gone), 6 (both gone)

NT 4 (decent backup is all that is needed)

DE 4 (if Wilkerson is fit and returns), 5 (if Wilkerson’s gone)

OLB 7* (if Matthews is retained), 8* (Matthews gone)


CB 4

S 6 (Clinton-Dix is retained), 7* (Clinton-Dix gone

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on defense with the changes to compete with the new rules, a high emphasis needs to be on interior pressure as it is a short path to the QB. You will see more 3/4 to counter act the rules. Average at that position will become very below average for the interior Defense. For DE NT and ILB will need a 3 to 4 point bump. While OLB takes more steps to get there, I would subtract 1 to 2 points from that because it is still a need. But I would say the other points are close.


What I mean by 3/4 is that there will need to be more players in coverage. Pressure will have to come inside as it is closer to the QB. Outside backers will still rush but with the faster releases by QBs and mobility, OLB will become more of a contain position. Remember that Favre is the blue print for the modern QB. He had the most difficulty with interior pressure.


If you want to emphasise pressure on the inside of the opponents O line, i would imagine you wanting to run a 4-3 system with two DTs.

Even a high quality NT like Clark cannot do much against a double team. You can only squeeze the DE’s together in the middle (in a 3-4 system) a tiny bit. If too much of the D front is concentrated inside, it is a gift to the other side to run off tackle plays.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to have Donald next to Suh (as the Rams do) then any team would struggle in the middle against that.


Modern offenses with the rules will require 3 down linemen that can pressure. They will need to upgrade at ILB as one will become more of a pass rusher (Even more so that outside). Outside will require more coverage and contain. Basically you need one Ray Lewis type. The Packers do have talent on the DL to do this but not the depth for a rotation which will be needed.


Anyway we cut it, there are holes a plenty in the dyke. And I would agree the packers have needs at DT too. I think they have two high quality dL guys 1 good or decent complement and junk besides Wilkerson. I think too resigning Matthews would be a major mistake. Also in this defense or a flex faster 4 3 I see no fit for Perry. Perry simply isn’t performing anywhere near his contract.

I think there needs are 1. pass rush 2. OT, 3a. S 3.b DT and 3c IOL You can’t fill all of those in one draft. I think the biggest addition could be a head coach who hires top assistants, demands execution and accountability and is only interested in winning. MM is stale and his concepts muddled. He has run his course…


I don’t think signing Matthews would be a mistake. It would have to be for less money than his previous contract, but the guy can play Inside or Outside. In fact, it might be a good idea to go ahead and move him inside (assuming we find someone else that can rush the passer). He and Martinez would be terrific together. It’s not like Matthews is a bum, he still has game. He just isn’t the sack artist he was in his prime.


You have a point, he was a really good inside pass rusher.


Our Guard depth will depend on whether or not Cole Madison ever shows up and contributes to a level of where we drafted.

Right tackle is a big need; I think it’s safe to assume we may cut ties with Bulaga after this year. I see a need for a starter here in top half of draft.

No way we keep Cobb; WR will still be a need - but not urgent assuming last years crop develops.

OLB is our top need - we should attempt to retain Matthews and move him inside next to Martinez. He may be old, but he still has value and is a good player.

Safety is now a big hole for us at both positions. Haha C-D will be gone - we aren’t going to break the bank on a mediocre player like him. Jones seems to have hit a wall. Brice does nothing but get burned.

Top needs:

  1. OLB - Pass Rush
  2. Safety help
  3. RT/RG help/depth

Have fun fixing them here:


While I agree with your needs, I don’t think it is at all ‘safe’ to assume Bulaga is gone. He wouldn’t re-do his contract, but it ends after 2019 anyway and I’m guessing that he plays it out. I can also see Cobb being retained (he is 28 now) for maybe 3 years, if the price is right.

With Cobb, Bulaga and Matthews, it’s all about bang for the buck, perceived value for a given price.

I do expect Ha-Ha to be gone as he is being shopped at the moment. Losing Montgomery wouldn’t shock me, either.


For the amount of money we’re paying Bulaga for what I would describe as a “plummeting” level of play, I don’t see us justifying the cap space. It’s best we cut our losses sooner than later and use that cap space on value.


That’s ok if you have your replacement ready…so are you ready to trust Spriggs ?
Even a high pick there (at OT) in 2019 might bust, or not be ready ‘out of the box’.

OTOH, if Bulaga sees out his contract (end of 2019), the Packers could get an OT fairly early (round 1-2), and give them up to a year to bed in, before Bulaga is gone. Worse case scenario is if the drafted OT is another bust, you have the option of trying again in 2020.


I agree, when he plays, Bulaga has played pretty well. I don’t see any reason to not let him play out the rest of the contract unless we find a better option next year. We should have PLENTY of cap room to make a lot of moves as it is.


I would tend to think you may well be right here. Best case scenario you could draft a tackle and guard who can beat out what we have. I think that may be tougher than people think. And when you consider his net cost is only 6 M in 2019, probably makes sense to let him play out his contract.

Perry who has really underachieved can’t be cut until 2020 at the earliest as 2019, and even 2020 create too much dead space. All of that considered, all they would save next offseason by dumping Perry is 3 M.

I think DL are higher on their list of priorities too. Add Outside Pass Rushers, Safties, And OL and you have a lot of need. The encouraging thing is in this draft Gute shored up two areas … Corner and WR.


…and of course Gute has several picks next draft (I believe it includes 2x1sts, 2x4ths, 2x6ths).

The early picks look like Edge, OT, S, DL.
Those two fourths could be the domain of an OG, a RB, a TE, even a 2nd safety.
Late round picks can be an unusual athletic talent anywhere (plus, I’d quite like a return specialist), and maybe a kicker in the 7th to give Crosby competition.