Butkus Hired as the Packers Assistant OL Coach


Luke Butkis the new nephew of Dick Butkis is the Assistant OL Coach for the Packers


I’ve been crazy busy so I just now saw this hire. I think he looks good for this position. I’m more concerned about Stenavich as the OL coach. If that position group struggles the entire offense will suffer.


I’m just seeing a lot of nobodies being hired. I sure hope they are somebodies-in-waiting…


Butkis looks more like the OL coach than the the actual OL coach.


Hackett is a decent OC,
Getsy was an awesome WR coach for the Packers before, now he has moved to QB coach after getting some experience as an OC in college.
Alvis Whitted was a top college WRs coach. He was a decent NFL WR. So he knows what it takes to play in the NFL and has experienced being coached. Hopefully he is as good as a coach in the NFL as he was in college. But he is automatically an upgrade over last years clown.

The LB coaches are actually upgrades on defense.


Butkus was a very good hire. He has been around a lot of football, very familiar with him and his work, should fit in well and really help.


Yes, I was particularly impressed with the LB coach hires. I’m also liking having Getsy back.


Rodgers trusts Getsy. I’m hoping that Getsy will be able to spend time with the new WR coach to teach him some of the unique training methods he used with our WRs before.