Campen has done excellent with little to no talent for backups. Remember TT treated OG like they were a dime a dozen.


OG are a dime a dozen, we’ve had some great guard play from players not drafted any higher than the 4th round. That said, you’re definitely right to question all the FA pickups he made at guard…


re: 1st HC job. You gotta start somewhere. Who heard of MM before he came here?

I am glad it was not McDaniels. Didn’t like him. Don’t know much about LaFleur but if he can get Rodgers to get his head out of his butt, the offense should be on the upswing.

Glad to hear that Pettine is staying. Haven’t heard of any assistants he is keeping except for Angelo and Montgomery. Not thrilled at the idea of Childress coming on board but will wait to see what happens.


He has entered 1265


After watching the interview and introduction. It’s clearly the Mike Murphy show. He is acting like the owner and GM of the Packers. Over shadowing Lafluer and Gute.


I think LaFleur did well, he is humble. I thought Murphy was obnoxious. I felt bad for Gute, glad you seemed to pick this up too.

At one point to me he seemed to make clear Gute has no control over Ball it LaFleur, but LaFleur and Gute are joined at the hip, the clear inference, if LaFleur flails Murphy won’t take or accept any responsibility. The more Murphy talked the more it becomes clear he is the problem.

Finally, the country club lives. He talks Rodgers, well Rodgers is part of the issue, but bringing up the 9 player council? Sorry their aren’t 9 guys on this team I can see listening too. Gute has had to clean out quite a few and what is left quit on their head coach. A hell of a lot of missed time, and Murphy was in my view embarrassing.

The organization is in a predicament. Increasingly it looks like the Gregg years. Fits and starts but backwards. I think unhindered by Murphy Gute could bring this back, but he really can’t control even strength and conditioning. But Murphy and Ball clearly make a lot of football decisions that rightly belong to the top football man. Wolf, Parcells, BB, Walsh and Lombardi didn’t have this kind of meddling crap. Even Thompson was accorded more respect, to me it was clear today Murphy is completely unacceptable and is emulating Jerry Jones…


I hope I am wrong, but really felt sorry for Gute, Gute wasn’t treated with a lot of respect today and if that is the case, it is very bad for the the next few years.


I really have no idea what you’re talking about…

Murphy ran the search, he spent a lot of time explaining how the process worked, he ran the process, of course he explains that part. I think it was boring as to how much detail he went into on that, but once it got past that section it all seemed pretty normal to me. The main thing I learned as a negative is that Murphy rambles as a public speaker, but that seems to be based on the idea of wanting to be transparent and open. I don’t see any greater flaw there.

How was Murphy obnoxious? How was disrespect shown to Gute? When it went to Q&A, LaFleur clearly controlled it with Murphy and Gute taking even time. One of the times Murphy answered was specifically to give a third party confirmation on how well LaFleur and Gute got along and how important that relationship was.

To me, it strikes me as an open and honest front office, a group that can work well together.


Honesty with Murphy is not something I find. I thought his demeanor and language was obnoxious. He talked over Gute, his coach and dominated the PC. I felt sorry for Gute.

Murphy was clear, Rodgers wouldn’t drive the decision, I think that is correct. Murphy clearly showed Rodgers did drive this. Murphy talks about complacency and yet he and he alone has driven the complacency acquiring more and more power and empowering Ball more and more. I have thought more and more about Murphy the AD. What would want to work with a President that wanted to micro manage like Murphy is now.

He suggested all along the GM would have full highering powers. He only made clear to Gute after signed Gute wouldn’t and Gute has confirmed that.

In the end, even as I thought Murphy was vulgar and obnoxious yesterday, the selection may well work. I think he was one of the best two candidates. That said, he does lack experience. I don’t fault him and worry that he is soft-spoken, my worry is that Murphy and Ball who have had more to do with the Murphy coined complacency than anyone else, are now micromanaging this even more.

That said, who knows, but having seen a lot of PC to professional matters I don’t recall a leader saying well I just made some “bull sh t” … I don’t remember anyone doing that who wasn’t under some sort of severe pressure, mental distress, or a modern politician unguarded.

I differ with a lot of Packer fans and writers in that I think he can be a really good coach. My fear is Gute is not the GM, rather it is Ball who never does a PC and Murphy actually are refactor… But we will see how it all plays out.


No one should take my concerns about Ball and Murphy to mean somehow I don’t like LaFleur, I do and knew plenty about him. While he is a risk, all the potential hires were.

While it is true in football you make you own luck with players, management is always an art, and I believe often it works out to be better to be lucky than good. Maybe they got lucky. All of your opinions are as good as mine, but Murphy handled himself as poorly as I have ever seen yesterday and then this notion, after 3 years of this coming it took players to get it across that complacency had set in, why is he in this position again?


The Packers need someone like Bob Harlan. Not a pretend Jerry Jones. Bring back tailgating. Yeah the Murphy Land block is nice but it fails to capture the tradition of the Packers a fan owned team.