OC of Titans.The Job was offered to him today!


Ian Rapport is reporting it.

Nice if it is Gute hire and he gets his own staff…


quarterbacks and receivers at Northern Michigan University… NMU is known for hockey but not football and their players are pretty high school level in their senior year at NMU…


Oh, wow, that was quicker than I was expecting. I was thinking we had weeks left on this search.

I’m actually good with this pick. Definitely some risk with this being his first HC job, but that has been the history of Packer coaches for awhile now. I guess sort of surprised since he’s only been an OC for two years, and not tremendous success in Tennessee, but I’m hopeful.


I wish I could be excited. I hope it works out, but part of me was hoping Gase would get it.


Apparently Pettine will be retained.


Interesting. Seems like a nice enough guy. Doesn’t live that far from me (but definitely in the higher rent area haha). I haven’t seen anything from him here in Nashville that gets me excited, but being a HC is a different set of skills.

McDaniels obviously would have gotten me more excited. But I’m guessing he is going to Cleveland.


The more I think this through the more I actually like this pick, assuming Pettine stays around. Pettine already has HC experience, he’s going to be a stabilizing factor here overall, with already being with the team for a year and the extensive experience he already has in the NFL. That actually makes picking a young, up and comer without a ton of experience a less risky pick, and we took it. There is a LOT of upside here and I think we mitigate some of the downside by having Pettine sticking around.

Now, if he can ALSO pull along someone good for OC, like maybe Taylor from the Rams (also Mike Sherman’s son-in-law), I’m actually feeling really good about this. I guess that is the big question, what do the offensive coaching staff (and assistant HC) spots look like now?

Oh, also, how can I forget, Zook better be getting replaced too!


He is probably staying in New England after the interview they probably gave him more assurances as BB will probably retire after another SB or soon. McCarthy is probably the Browns next HC.


If anyone wants to say that he was a failure at OC in Tennessee, I would question that. He made Mariota a very good QB, even though he was dealing with many injuries. Yes, the Titan offense started slow (first time play caller, new system, it is expected) but at the end of the season they were really rolling, until another Mariota injury.

Mariota finished the season (last 10 games) with a QB rating of 101.5, 71.5% completion percentage, and 8.1 yards per attempt, all numbers better than Rodgers, and I don’t think anyone would confuse Mariota with Rodgers. If he can do that with Mariota at QB…

Note: They also ended the season with on the best running games in the league. And remember, this was his first year as their OC!


A good choice.

La Fluer has worked with some good QB’s the past several years along with some good offensive coaches.

Really like the pick.


EXCELLENT CHOICE !!! imo:star_struck:


One thing I like about LaFleur is that Kyle Shanahan and McVay REALLY like him.

Shanahan took him with him to both Washington (and promoted him) and Atlanta, and McVay worked with him for 3 years in Washington and brought him to LA, then it seems McVay was promoting LaFleur getting the job here. These weren’t just quick hires, these were guys he knew very well that wanted to bring him along and increase his responsibility. He didn’t just “happen to work for” McVay and Shanahan, he was hand-picked by both.


Well, if nothing else the enthusiasm here is making me feel a little better! :wink: Honestly, everything I know of LaFleur is what i’ve read the last 2 days. Prior to that he was just a name.


Apparently he will be bringing in Brad Childress to be his QB coach. I hope he brings in both a new OL coach and WR coach. In fact, I clean out the offensive staff and ST. I think some of the defensive staff will stay, Pettine is apparently going to stay, but others like Whitt could end being coordinator somewhere.

Lot of stuff out there as to why the did this, but I was always intrigued by the guy, as his connection to execution, disciplined based and creative WCO is cleaner than McCarthy ever was. The need to return to more of a Walsh bases scheme at least philosophically, rather what MM and Rodgers were running is clear. I would have had him 2, but all these guys have risk. It will be interesting now to see if McDaniel is really interested in Cleveland.


MM was not a direct disciple of Walsh’s WCO like Holmgren was. MM lost the concept of using the pass to set up the run. MM started to Pass to set up the pass


Indirect yes indeed through Hackett. Never was a fan of Hackett. MM would have no other relatiohship to Walsh unlike Mike Holmgren who worked for Walsh as did Shanahan’s dad did.


I like Jeff, was rooting for Adam Gase. Really think wherever he lands he will light it up. Never had a good QB situation in Miami. Tannehill for 1 full season which ended in the Playoffs. Nothing thereafter.

But I agree with what Karl has said in this thread. He has chronicled LeFleur’s history quite well. He was selected to work with the Shanahans and McVey. His pedigree is strong.

I like that he was more under the radar. I would’ve been happy with McDaniels but the scrutiny would have been extreme and the potential for distraction greatly enhanced.

I do indeed believe he will bring in an entire new offensive staff. Guys that know his system. But also I think he will because it appears we are keeping the entire Defensive staff and I definitely like that move.

Lastly, Gotta believe he brings in a new Special Teams Coach. Ron Zook has had a good career in Coaching and may do well again somewhere else. But we need something different there.


I largely agree with a new offensive coaching staff, but you single out OL as a need to replace the coach, where I see Campen as one of the few coaches I definitely want to keep, if we can. Campen has VERY consistently made Pro Bowl type players out of low picks, like Bakhtiari (4th round), Sitton (4th round), Lang (4th round), Scott Wells (7th round) and solid starters out of low picks like Lane Taylor (undrafted), Linsley (5th round), Tretter (4th round), etc.

What more are you expecting out of an OL coach? He seems to be one of the bets in the league, as far as I can tell.


Fair question, better quicker development of talent, better protection packages, fewer sacks, and far better development of young guys. The whole concept of what is acceptable in terms of whiffs under MM was wrong.

It comes down to this, LaFleur should make his own decisions. Right now the Packers have 4 Ol with one who is clearly on the downside and no depth. If LaFleur wants to keep him he should, but I would go a different direction. I would keep Bulaga for his last year and try to draft a T and G early. I think they really need to reorient how they look at the OL.