One of the things becoming clearer is Rogers was clearly trying to run the offense. Apparently despite the Packer attempts to deny a problem Rodgers was changing plays like calls in the huddle and negating game plans and play calls. It explains the communication on play calls, timeout issues, and play clock penalties. If also explains the lack of any continuity on offense and the oft sandlot appearance. And with the lack of respect Rodgers showed, the issues with other players following his lead and doing there own thing becomes clear.

It explains their focus on offense and McDaniels. McDaniels is volatile, but he won’t let Rodgers be the Coach. Ultimately getting Rodgers under control and discipline of getting him to retire is likely in the long term best interest of the Packers, His current trade value given the huge financial commitment and fact the cap hit from cutting him would be a huge financial debacle prior to 2021 or 22 explains why McDaniel could be the logical choice. He will not let Rodgers do what MM did. The question will be for the candidates can they restore order and stand up to Rodgers. While I really like LaFleur, Campbell and Carmichel this is going to require Murphy to either hand Gute the whole GM title or cut off acess to Rodgers going above Coach and GMs head. Increasingly it appears Rodgers like many QBs ego is his own worst enemies, and age and time with athlete who refuse to adjust don’t make that better.